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Dear Business Builder and New Friend,

I will presuppose that you need a capable experienced man to write for you. Write blog posts, sales letters, retail advertising, health articles. that’s what I specialize in.

Today I’m asking you to LOOK at the work I’ve been doing for others and I hope for YOU. I’m not asking you to buy anything immediately. I want you to feel comfortable that you have time to think and compare. The world is full of young fellows who have never sold anything in their lives. Take the time to read this page about an older man who has been successfully selling almost his entire life. 

I’m constantly working to make this new site even more attractive and exciting. I’m doing more, researching more,  thinking more about how to market cafes and restaurants and bring in more new customers. My ONLY request is that you should send a note to me indicating you’re interested to gain more customer traffic. Send a note and I’ll add your email address to my list. Send that note to me here.  I’m not using a “subscribe form.” Not now, not yet. I actually don’t like them. They are potential trouble makers.

For now. continue with me through this letter. Look around the site to get an understanding of what I’m doing. Stay in touch. This is intended to be VERY good for You and for the Singapore Business Community.

Did you see this list?

Your business may already be connected to the Home/Cover Page! Take a look. It’s worth money to you!

Many web technicians want to sell you a big multi-page web-SITE. They say it’s what you need to get more customers. It’s…

…Not True!

Granted, yes you need a web presence, but you don’t need a big expensive website. And if you do have a site, you need some way to draw more potential customers to see it!

I will explain the costs involved and why developing your own site, for a small café or moderate size restaurant, is often a VERY bad idea. (For a big restaurant it’s a nice idea. For a cozy café, one landing page can be enough if it’s handled right, and it will cost much less. Actually, with me, it’s part of the service, so it’s free.)

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Then I’ll show you the smarter and least expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again! 

It would be wise, right here and now, to add my email address to your “contacts” list to be sure the future parts of this series are not lost into a spam folder.

I’m not exclusively “selling advertising!” I’m teaching restaurant/café marketing and showing you how you can have more customers coming in at a very reasonable price….  and  …. that’s why you’ll want to stay in contact with me. After you enjoy this letter. You’ll gain much more wisdom about how to bring in more customers at a cost that is so low you’ll certainly make a profit! Good advertising, well written, and properly placed will pay you back MUCH more than it costs! The best ad agencies often talk about how to help their clients get a good “return on investment” and that’s exactly what I want for YOU.

As you get to know me better you’ll realize I love Singapore and want to help keep the city (and YOU) prosperous.

When this makes sense to you, you’ll see good reasons to join my exclusive group of cafés and restaurants telling the world what “we” offer, what makes “us” different, or makes YOU better, or more convenient, and what’s happening “here” at your place for the weekend or holidays. I will make that available for you at a petty-cash price and to a tremendous Singapore “dining-out” audience.

and….I’ll show you how you can have a beautiful and effective “landing page” included with the service. There are sample pages suggested further down this letter.

Included with the landing page there will be many small “pointer ads” drawing readers to look at your “landing page.” (Pointer ads are small rectangles  linked to the landing page.)

Just stay with me! I know a lot of cafes and restaurants are having a bit of a difficult time. The year 2020 has not been gracious. I’m here to help make 2021 much better.

I don’t expect You to buy anything today! I know you have work to do and things to think about. But, I also know you need more traffic and you have seen the USA is heading for more tumultuous times. The problems with the Presidential election there were just the beginning of their troubles. Now we’re into year 2023 and it looks like you’ll need someone with years of success and serious understanding about how to influence customers to reach you. I’m one of those few men.

Fong Shen Hao

Braised Pork Rice


< This is a Pointer Ad. There are several at the bottom of the Cover Page


The “tumult” in the US will adversely affect world economics. We need to do all we can, while working together, to keep YOU busy and earning a decent living!!!

WHAT I WANT NOW from you is your interest. Go through this letter, all at once or in sections which I’ve already labeled by number..  Send me an occasional note, ask questions if you wish. I’ll answer you. When the time is right, I’m sure you’ll come to a comfortable considered decision.

Let me tell you something historic that’s valuable for you to know. Business history has proven many times in all cultures; businesses that advertise during bad economic times maintain business traffic and grow larger.

Businesses that don’t advertise during bad economic times, lose customers to those that advertise. Those managers who think they will “save money” by avoiding advertising lose their customer base and finally go out of business.

As soon as you stop marketing, you are essentially telling the world, “I’m going out of business” and you should never do that!

I’ll show you, as we go through all of this together, how we can get more traffic for YOU at an affordable price and improve your business traffic into the future! I’ve successfully done this for small businesses for many years and I’m sure I can do it for you too!

First; Assuming you are the owner of a café or restaurant, you’re probably busy working 10 and more hours each day. You do not have the time and physical energy to learn to build your own website. It is very technically involved. It seems to get more difficult and detailed every week. I’ve been slaving away at this one between 8 and 14 hours/day for the past 16-months. It’s a complicated task and there’s always more to do. Often the simple 5-minute job turns into an hour job!

Let’s go over why I said this and lead into How You Can have More Customer Traffic in the next letter. I plan to send a letter Daily for 8-Days and you’ll get the whole understanding you NEED to have for your business survival in that short time span.

If you have not yet, it would be wise, right here and now, to add my email address to your “contacts” list to be sure the 7-future daily parts of this series are not lost into a spam folder. This is intended to help you earn more through year 2021. Please be sure to receive it!

Here’s an example of what you see after you click on a pointer ad. Grissini Italian Grill 

Send Ad Insertion Orders to:

or   If you’re on the home page you’ll see a lightning bolt in a circle to your lower right. That will allow you to leave a message for me at Facebook. You don’t need an account there. I’ll see that message notice and answer you.

(My formal name is Stephen Newdell but I use “Steve.”)

Take a look at this list before we go to section 2

If you think reading this is too much for you, read these reasons to advertise, and send a note to me. I’ll take care of the rest quickly and soon enough you’ll have more customer traffic and more income.

Reasons To Advertise With Singapore Shopper Magazine

  • Reach The Dining-Out Audience in Singapore. 
  • Most efficient and cost effective way to bring Excellent Exposure to your business
  • Appear in many places in including….
  1. Cover Page
  2. Ethnic categorize grid or listing with photo (works like a “classified display ad)”
  3. Pointer Ads
  4. Social Media
  5. Subscribers get Email when blogs and weekly and weekend specials/sales pages are released.
  6. Your satisfaction is guaranteed before you pay for anything!
  7. Change words and photos upon request.
  • Your business has a custom landing page made for you at no additional charge. Works like a 1-page website
  • Buy at your option 3-page websites within and “Advertising Articles”
  • We’re connected to Google Search Ads and Google Ad Words
  • Your Ad Always Looks fresh, clean and new.
  • ALL of this is exclusively for Singapore….
  • ….at a petty-cash price.
  • Receive restaurant marketing articles FREE in email


SECTION 2: I did have this in short 5-minute lessons to see, but I’m afraid most addressees were not opening it. I want to emphasize, this is the most important business survival information you’ll get this year, and maybe for many years. I doubt anyone else is doing anything to try to coach and help you at a petty-cash price. Please, continue going through this. Of course I realize this is lengthy. You’re welcome to copy/paste it and read it later. But for your own good, DO READ IT, or, just trust me to do the right things for you. I’ll take care of everything and you’ll get more customer traffic.

Who else is concerned about helping you keep your income numbers up? I am, but who else? I think most everyone else is only concerned for himself, which is a huge business mistake — by the way. A Free Enterprise community has much to do with helping one another to have an economically strong community. All of the other cafes and restaurants and welders, roofers, and mechanics, and florists and so forth make a “market place” and we need that, we need each other, we need our friends and neighbors, to make a vibrant city.

I was about to speak about the best way to bring in more customer traffic and that of course has everything to do with good communication with potential customers. You really do need a well-produced and inexpensive way to tell prospective customers what you can offer to them.

Some technicians who are in the business of building websites make promises of a beautiful website. Some even say you can have your own “free website.”

Promises of a “free” website are only for a sample. No one can give you a website for free. In the long run, doing, maintaining, and learning all of this can cost a fortune, and even on your own, it might take 2 or 3 years to learn to do it all yourself. Don’t start on that road unless you intend to make advertising or website development a career!

The free pages at Facebook are too restrictive and so drab looking they do little more than waste your precious energy and time. Their computer programs take over and place photos where you don’t want them, or add photos you don’t want. The FB page is a small, free, helpful notice to the world but that’s as far as it goes. I have an FB page but it’s NOT my main way to reach the world. It’s only there as an entrée into the social medium.

A website is for doing major big jobs. But for many restaurants and cafes, a single “Landing Page” is sufficient to inform customers and draw in all the traffic you need — if it is seen! (and there’s the problem….)

For this you’ll pay to others $300/year just to host it. Add to this the cost of having a website produced for you and it can easily go past $3,000.  

A website needs software somewhere, and some big computer needs to “host” the site and keep it on the Internet. That means also there are security risks and a big hosting company must be employed to maintain the site and the computer running it.

<You will also need people who maintain the site and make sure on a daily basis that it is working. The cost for all of this to be maintained properly is going to range between $US800 and $US2900 per year!

Remember, this is only for their technical work. YOU still have to write the pages, bring in photographs and do everything else. That alone for a new website while you’re learning, requires at least a full day of work for each page. If you have 5-pages it could take up a week of your work-time IF you know how to do all of this. If you are a beginner it may take more than a month.

Siteground is a British owned company with all phone help in Eastern Europe and they speak a sort of English. No one knows a word of any Chinese dialect. Voiden Hosting has servers in Singapore. They’re more expensive. I’m not sure what languages they speak.

You can see this endeavor is costly in money and personal time. It really can at first be somewhat traumatic. The truth is, you don’t have the time, the knowledge, or the energy to do it all yourself.

I’m not the only one saying this. The teachers at “” (a technical shop for site developers wrote, “When you add up the costs of managed hosting, premium themes, plugins, site maintenance, and support, the costs of creating a website are a fraction of what you’d spend to hire a developer and designer to create a bespoke solution for you for your web presence and management.”

What that tells you is, hiring someone to build a website for you is very expensive, and trying to do it yourself is much more. You could spend so much time, energy, and worry trying to do this yourself it could actually ruin your business, your health, your marriage, and your life. So, that’s the wrong path to follow. (Some of these guys charge $10,000 to build a website — and you’re wishing for a new stove or walk-in refrigerator. Paying someone to build a website for you is often the wrong path to take!)

Yes, there is software to make a website quickly but someone has to write the advertising “copy” (the words) and that is a “skill set” and a job all of its own. (I tested two of those “free” web hosts and they were difficult to use.)

I have in truth been studying and applying the wisdom of many great advertising writers for many years. I began with an interest in advertising at age 15 and now I’m age 70 (very healthy, thank Heaven!) You don’t just cram a library of sales writing knowledge into a young woman or man in a month. Anyone who imagines so is not a salesman and never has been. And….the best sales advertising copy-writers were salesmen. I was a print advertising space salesman in New York, and later in Seattle, and won awards for good work and a high volume of sales….and my work did bring those businesses more customers! Those skills to do this did not come quickly! I started ad sales at age 18. I started selling at age 10 or 12!

But here’s what you should remember….


I have gone over many websites for restaurants and cafés. The big websites have too many pages. The website builder justifies his price by making up all of these pages. But, he is a web technician and knows nothing about sales, marketing, and advertising. He really never will! Making so many pages confuses and frustrates customers. It might even chase them away.

That prospective customer wants to know about your food, the ambiance or environment, and prices. Instead, she is forced to go from page to page and link to link to “discover” that you’re more than a takeaway café. I have seen this on the website of a very expensive Italian Restaurant in Sg! This is no joke. This sort of website building is a plan to waste money and cause customers to go elsewhere!

A personality survey of web technicians proved they are “introverted” non-outgoing personalities. This means they like computers and mathematics. They do not like to converse with people They do not like to go to parties. They are absolutely never the personality to be a salesman/saleswoman! It is true salespeople are trained to be good in that work. The saying is they are “made,” not “born.” No one is born to be a salesman. But it takes a particular personality to do the work. We must be outgoing, sociable, and tenacious. Some of us are born that way, and some are not.

It’s safe to say most web technicians have never sold anything to anyone in their lives! So, What makes them qualified to produce advertising and tell you that any particular website design will sell more? Truth is, they’re guessing and promoting what they’ve made but they have no idea what works and what does not in advertising. Most big ad agencies don’t have any idea either!!! (Yes that’s true!) It turns out big black serif print on a white background (like we see here) works better to draw customers than anything else. Older eyes cannot see light gray and pastels, and thin, smaller fonts like this demo sentence.>>>   Older eyes cannot see light gray and pastels and thin, smaller fonts, like this demo sentence.

Disaster Demo: I am absolutely amazed at the great numbers of websites that display print so small, so thin, and so light, that their words can barely be read. Why do they do this? I guess they think it’s for style. They think it’s “beautiful,” or perhaps they simply Don’t Care! Whatever it is, they’re wasting a lot of electricity and a lot of money, because readers are leaving them in flocks and herds, running elsewhere to find the information they want, and can clearly see and read!

I lately watched a demonstration teaching use of web page editing software. A young woman appeared covered with tattoos down her right arm, and too much make-up, a leather halter top displaying a tattoo between her breasts, and a bare waist. She topped it with multiple colored short hair. She produced a web page and ended by putting non-serif thin yellow type-style print onto a  lighter yellow background!

I couldn’t believe it.

This “girl” doesn’t know anything about eyes! If the eyes can’t see what I write, the reader will not buy. There’s a saying among American hunters. “Walk downwind of your prey because if you’re upwind, the turkey will see you, the deer will hear you, and the bear will smell you.”  Similarly …

You must understand your prospective customer’s needs before you attempt to send him the right message at the right time and from the right medium!

No one learning to make websites knows anything about this. That is why they produce multiple pages of confusion at VAST cost and waste business owners’ money as if they were pouring gallons of hot soapy water down the dishwashing sink!!!


Section 3:

I’m thankful you’re continuing this informative journey with me. This is another 5-minute reading and there will be 5 more sections to finish it. By the time you have read it all, you’ll be in a much better position to maintain and improve your income through this next year and for many years to come.

Why am I qualified to teach you about it?

<Drayton Bird, Arguably, The World’s Greatest Marketer

I have been studying at the feet of great advertising masters for many years. These men have done the research, testing, and retesting actually millions of mailed and emailed sales letters, and web pages, changing sometimes just one word and getting better or worse results!

<For example, this man, Mr. Drayton Bird, is arguably the greatest advertising writer and marketer the world has ever known. At age 83+ he is still teaching. I listen to and study with him.  You cannot pull an 18-year-old off the street and train him to sell and write copy in two weeks. That’s impossible the best ad copy writers were salesmen, and I’m one of those guys.

Many younger people involved in advertising won’t study any of this and they simply don’t know what advertising is about! It’s costing some business operators real money to send out advertising that gets no response! Mr. Bird in a lecture I saw only lately said this is wasting “not thousands, not millions, but Billions of dollars every year.”

Web technicians age 22 don’t know anything about what works and does not work in advertising. They persist in producing expensive web pages that the buyers with real money cannot read!!! Try to write to these technicians. They don’t respond! Many of them don’t speak clear English! They’re Eastern Europeans. They’re not going to write advertising for you.

Of course, if you’re past age 50 you already realize this font and black color on a white background, and very dark red and blue colors are better for older eyes.

Who has the money? Mostly mature people nearing and in their retirement years have the most discretionary income. If older eyes can’t see the page, they’re not buying the product that page is selling.

But, what introvert who never studied advertising ever thought about that, or about A/B Split Testing to see what worked best? I’d guess “none of them.” Their mind is exclusively focused on selling an expensive website job to you. They learn more code and technical tricks but (this is a dark secret) they know they have no idea how to sell anything. Most have never sold anything to anyone.

I’m sorry to say this, but most of the big ad agencies that are busy being “creative” don’t get good results with their advertising campaigns either. Surveys in London prove this every year! These agencies get awards for the most interesting “Creative work” but almost none of them run tests to discover if the advertising actually brought in more sales! Some of the television advertising in the USA can cost $1,000,000/minute and they get no improved sales! I actually have several times sat with friends watching television and observing their responses to ads.  They laugh a little at the advertisement. I ask when the ad has ended, “What were they selling?” The viewer doesn’t know! Someone spent 100-Million dollars last year to sell giggles! This is very sophisticated STEALING. Advertising has one purpose. To inform, teach, and SELL something.

The firms that get the best results are involved in direct response, mail order type advertising. They know how much they’ve spent and they can test to see what works best. They can tell you to the penny what you paid to get each new customer!

Agencies that are busy trying to get awards for “being creative” cannot tell you what your return on investment is, and won’t even mention it!

Actually, many of these young people in the advertising and marketing business never got any degree in advertising and marketing. They don’t read the great books by the great names in advertising, as I have and continue doing, and as Mr. Bird did and still does. These young people are not qualified to take your money and produce something they imagine is advertising. They may not intend it, but they are in truth stealing because they can produce pages and pages that get No Results!

I’m also sorry to say, most of today’s advertising writers never sold anything face-to-face, and it turns out (again, by survey) the most successful advertising “copy-writers” are those that sold face-to-face in homes and business-to-business. They write the best advertising “copy.” (Ad copy is advertising words like you’re reading now.) The better we know those potential customers the better our writing can be. That’s why we often socialize with those types of customers, or sell to them, listening, observing, and remembering.

I was young as this boy when I started selling.

I began teaching myself to sell by going door to door offering boxes of Holiday Greeting Cards when I was age 9 or 10. I broke the fear of it then and continued learning ever since!

<I was young like this when I began selling. That’s why now I’m qualified to sell for you!

I have since then sold life insurance in homes and advertising space in newspapers, magazines, and privately published phone directories to business owners — and got good results for them too!

I’ve sold many things in my life including men’s clothing, electronics, kitchenware, insulated energy-saving windows, and powered lawn and garden equipment. The experience made me a better ad copywriter. It is often said the best copywriters were salesmen. No one learns that in a month!

I was too much the flirt in high-school between ages 12 and 15. I knew I was breaking all of my fears about speaking to single young ladies, and even to crowds in a big audience. I took some acting classes for the same purpose! Even when I ran a practice taking care of back pain, I was selling by comparing my services to the prices and services of similar doctors in the community. And it worked! I had a very busy practice!

The best advertising writers have sold and studied advertising and marketing taught to them by the great names of the past who today are our venerated elders. They have “lived the business.” They took what they learned, worked for years as face-to-face salespeople, and finally began writing advertising “sales copy.” They tested and compared more and more until they found the best they could do. That is the way I learned over a span of 58-years. I’m still learning more and I am making my skills available to benefit you with more profit.

No web technician ever did that. They probably have never sold or written good advertising for anything in their lives. They probably never will! It takes years to learn to do this well.

Why then are restaurant owners in New York or Los Angeles or Singapore paying a fortune to these “web site developers” to produce advertising that only works one-tenth as well as it should? These guys are NOT qualified to write and produce advertising. They’re wasting your money, whilst making ideas up as they go along; ‘reinventing the wheel,’ we might say.

True, a beautiful website is attractive, but that’s only one small part of the work to be done. Pictures draw our eyes. The words do the selling. If the words are not doing their job well, the sales response may be a financial disaster, and will waste your money! Web site developers want to push web development to look like a Hollywood movie, but that’s the wrong direction and the wrong place to focus minds and money.

Permit me to introduce myself:

My name is Dr. Stephen Newdell. I go by “Steve”. I had two major careers in my life; Sales and Health Care. I’m an advertising “copywriter” (and past advertising space salesman. (I did some radio announcing for ads too.) Now I’m learning to be a minor “web-page developer.”

<Trusted advertising writer and marketing advisor.

I went back to college at age 23, and became a back-pain doctor and nutritionist. (A Chiropractor. This word is mostly known in the United States.) I’m old enough to retire but I want to continue this occupation I love so much. I can be very helpful for the Singapore community by bringing more customers to YOU for many years to come. That is my intention. I’m sure there are many skeptics about this claim but over time I think they will realize I’m not just talking. I am going to get results for clients in Singapore just as I have in New York, and Seattle!

I got interested in advertising and marketing at age 15 when I realized most of it was very badly done. I continued with that avocation and career vocation, in some way, all of my life. I spent twenty years as a Chiropractic back pain doctor but always continued to study sales and advertising writing. I just love it! I’ll never “retire.” I’ll do something to help bring more customer traffic to small business owners like YOU until the end of my lifespan. And…. There’s a good personal reason for that.

My family ran a moderate-sized Dry Cleaning business and worked 14-hour days.

That is why I know; What YOU do is not a part-time hobby! (and you’re probably not “rich” as many may imagine.)

This is your livelihood, and it’s my job to help you keep it going and growing! I know YOU want a decent retirement. You perhaps aspire to pay for college for your children, and better things for your family. These are your dreams. This is your life path; and it’s my purpose to help you have it! I make my living helping women and men like you, get more customer traffic so you can successfully make your living!

This may surprise you; 80% of everything that happens in our economy happens when someone sells something to someone else! 80% of this economy is driven by sales!!! Selling is not a bad thing to do. It helps everyone live better and earn more. Just remember “Honesty is the best policy.” If you’re dishonest in sales and advertising work or in any work soon you’ll have a bad reputation and no one will want to do business with you. Therefore, we must always do our best, to be honest, and deliver more than we promise. I deliver what I promise. If I can’t deliver, I won’t make promises I cannot keep. This policy will keep Singapore’s economy strong even whilst much of the world is in trouble.

I continue to learn more from the great advertising writers and salespeople; and this is important to you because you need someone qualified to sell your products and services online, and that is what I do when people pay me to do it.

Thanks for reading today. Let’s go into What advertising really IS and why it’s vital to keep your business busy these next several years. 

You can feel confident. Better Days Are Ahead!

Section 4

I want you to know even though we haven’t met and I may not know your name, I know something important about you. I know you’re one of the few smarter managers in Singapore and you’re staying with my letter because you realize I’m teaching something valuable that can help you have more business soon and into the future.

What Advertising Really Is, and

Why Should You Use It

(Advertising is and should be “selling in print.” The only real legitimate purpose for advertising is to inform, teach, and sell something. If we’re not selling we’re wasting money.) “Branding” is for getting your name before the entire world. It’s for huge corporations like Coca-Cola. It’s not for you. The advertising I’m doing within Singapore, will “brand” you for Singaporeans. That is all that is necessary. But even if no one paid me to write for them, and if you only had a fair web PAGE in the right place, you would bring in more customers. If you’re seen in Singapore Shopper, just appearing in that “medium” will help you have more traffic. I’ll explain why.

<Lavo Restaurant Bar is a favorite place for fun!

Within Singapore, we know nearly 76% of Singaporeans are Chinese. Chinese people tend to eat Chinese food and do business with more Chinese people. (If the CCP continues operating as they are, that percentage number is destined to grow!)

Chinese people study diligently, seek excellence, and become industrious and successful earners. That is part of modern Chinese culture. This culture wants the better things life can offer, and why not? You work for it and you intend to earn, and should enjoy it!

Sometimes buying a big dinner or holding a lavish affair (like a wedding for example) is a way to earn appreciation and respect in the community. (This is common to nearly all affluent cultures.)

If you have a page seen in the Chinese community, even if it is only showing photos of your food and saying for example, “I specialize in Cantonese food,” that is enough to get many Chinese people to decide to visit and try your meals and then continue coming to you.

This may be the first time they have heard of you. If you got only 20 new customers in a year from the advertisement, it probably will earn more for you than the cost of the advertising because it leads to more people referring friends, or bringing them along for a dinner. (With my offer you’re going to see many more than 20-new customers each year!)

Good Advertising doesn’t cost, It Pays and it can, and should pay you a handsome profit! BUT WAIT, there’s something else to cover.  It should enlarge your regular crowd and your reliable monthly average income. The advertising I write + Exciting Dining Weekend Edition + the new Sales and Specials page causes that to happen automatically!

On the other hand, if you sell a different ethnic food style, that’s good! Some days that can be just right for anyone who wants a change. But to whom should they go and what style should they try? I can help sway their decision so they decide to visit YOU. I CAN write advertising-copy for you, but you are welcome to write for yourself and I, unless you object, may make minor improvements in spelling, grammar, and sentence structure, and publish it. (If you want it written in a Chinese dialect you must write to me so you’ll know what to do.)

(It’s your choice about my corrections. A few small corrections will cost you nothing. Bigger work is paid work. I recommend you allow me to clean up spelling, grammar, and sentence structure at least. English is a difficult second language! Most writers who don’t make their living writing need occasional help.)

Just remember, simply appearing with photos and your name in the Singapore Shopper guide will bring you more customer traffic. We know that from years of surveys in the telephone directory business.

If potential customers don’t know you exist, that’s the “kiss of death.” If they never have heard of you, you’re in trouble! Every new “eatery” will draw away some of your potential customers. That’s another reason why you must advertise! You must continually market yourself and your business. In this present economic climate marketing and advertising will save your business!

<Paul Getty and wife Lowes, Getty Oil Corporation founder. In 1967 dubbed, “World’s richest man.”

Years ago a young assistant to a famous business operator on a train ride observed, “Sir, we are the exclusive producer of this product, so why do we continue to advertise?” The older man replied,

“Marketing and advertising are the engines that pull the train forward.” That was spoken by J. Paul Getty, the man who created Getty Oil Corporation. Mr. Getty became the world’s wealthiest man in 1967.

If you’re not advertising you’re sending your potential customers to someone else! Mr. Getty wouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t either!

Of course, nowadays you need more income and more customers because with the state of the world’s economy and the obvious “New Normal” changes coming on, you want a list of customers coming to you regularly. Without them, you won’t be able to know your average monthly income. Without that “average income” number, your life goes into financial disorganization!

You can be angry at the world, or angry about the state of the economy, angry about politics, angry that “the competition” is getting your customers. Whatever it is, the way to win in this game is to let people know what you and I already know.

The word from those who research cafes and restaurants is that your food is excellent. (I don’t write to everyone. I write to the best. You have been recommended.)

Your service is pleasant and quick. Customers really like you. That’s why I write to you and not just anyone! I am sending this letter to the owners of cafes and restaurants written up in local publications and considered to be the best that Singapore can offer!

For this moment I’m asking you to simply stay with me and go through every word of these installments because it’s not for everyone. It’s for the city’s most excellent cafes and restaurants. You deserve to be included!

Your decision can place you into Singapore Shopper Magazine. This guide is like nothing else available in Singapore. It is destined to be the most popular and often referred to café/restaurant guide in the city! That’s why you need to stay with this offer because it’s going to help you maintain stability in your life while many of the others in town are (sadly) drowning in financial trouble!

Get in as soon as you can because I’m planning on a modest number of advertisers (some restaurants and cafes, and some merchandise shops) and those slots are going to disappear fast! I don’t want you to miss your place in this café/restaurant guide. You shouldn’t want to miss your place in it either! For a very reasonable price, you will have the best advertising and marketing for the dining-out crowd in the city!

<Morrisons makes a memorably bad impression.

Your food may be as good as what is served in a big hotel restaurant. But if the reading public does not know you have a café or restaurant in town, they will never come to you. I have seen several cafés open and close. The food was great but there was no money invested in all the other things that make a lasting good impression, as for examples; good signage, a neat, clean exterior and interior, and good-looking menus.  (I wonder how long Morrisons Restaurant could continue in business with a sign that looked like this! This negligence made such a bad impression it ended up in a magazine!)

Costs To Do It Yourself. Let’s assume you think you’ll write your own website and do all of this yourself. You’ll probably hire someone to write a website for you and he wants to justify a high price by building several pages. You’ll pay at least $3,000 for a web SITE, Add at least $300 per year for hosting and maintenance; But wait! There’s more. Now the question is, “How will I get people to see it?” That’s a very difficult and expensive question to answer.

You have paid a fortune for the website and hosting and now you might pay at least $200 per month to advertise the website. Add it all up. These expenses are killing you. But, that’s not the real cost. The real cost is, you’re losing customers you should be getting because your advertising is done wrong. Those customers are going to someone else! That makes for a huge loss!!!

When we reach this Techy Created Website the technician has your business name on one page and photos of food. Then there’s another page with more photos of the empty restaurant. An empty restaurant photo says to me “No one comes here. the food is terrible.”

I like photos of a busy restaurant full of happy patrons!

Then there is a different page explaining where you are and how to reach you, and a different location for how to order takeaway food, and another page telling your hours of operation, and another page to look for a map to find you. Finding a “Contact Us” page is often nearly impossible. This is ridiculously stupid! This describes a website built to repel potential customers. I have seen several of these in Singapore. The website builder was justifying his high price with more pages, but as an advertiser, he’s incompetent and should not be hired!

No email address = shooting your foot.

<“Customers are an interruption to my day.”

Many of these brilliant website developers hide the “contact us” page so completely I have had to spend 15-minutes hunting for a contact address!

Putting yourself into Facebook is no better! My issue is not that Facebook is bad. It’s alright. It does the messaging job neatly for friends. But it’s not an advertising medium.

My point is, finding your contact information should be very easy. If it is not, this is like saying, “I don’t want to talk to customers. I don’t want your money. Don’t write to me.”

Particularly in hotels, potential customers/guests want to reach the restaurant. Many hotels will not display a restaurant’s email address. Apparently they don’t want their restaurants to be reached by the restaurant’s customers! It’s infuriating and I guarantee, an infuriated prospective customer is going somewhere else. That prospective customer intends to rent a room in a hotel with one or more good restaurants. If he can’t reach the restaurant he is likely to reserve a room elsewhere! The hotel pushes potential customers away by banning restaurant contact email addresses!

Whether you do business with me or not, my advice for many good reasons is to make your regular email address prominent on your website or web page, or even on your free Facebook page. But many people cannot reach you via a Facebook or Instagram Messenger address:

I strongly recommend for you to set up an email address at Gmail through Google, or Yahoo or Proton Mail or some other local service you like. Make that address prominently seen on your web page or your free Facebook page, and of course, on any landing page I build for you.

Never make Facebook your only internet address. It’s too likely that you’ll never be found or someone will tamper with your Facebook account and your page will be lost. Computer data is fragile. Many things can happen. That is why I prominently display my Gmail address. I have addresses for the website and they forward to Gmail anyway! A forwarding address is another potential trouble spot. Same with forms. All those cute pop-up forms that annoy us feed through an address that sometimes might stop working! I want to be directly reachable so you can write to me at Gmail and feel assured I’ll receive your note.

Own a real email address. I can develop a well-done web page/Landing Page hosted within the magazine. I can make that available to you at a reasonable price and with more potential dining-out customers reading than anyone else in Singapore. If you’re buying an advertisement with me, I’m presently building the landing pages as part of the package. You’re paying for a continuous run of your advertising in the magazine. I’m building the landing page (which is most of my labor) for free! And you must approve of it or advise me of changes you want before I consider the job finished and bill you for it! So in that way your satisfaction is guaranteed, or you pay nothing. I don’t know any way to be fairer than that.

Thanks for reading and learning. We’re getting closer to you completely understanding how to survive the economic changes happening now and into the future. This is a serious “big deal.” You’ve worked years to have your business and now we want to be sure you continue in business! That’s why I’m writing to you.  In Section 5 I’ll discuss why I think What has been going on across the Internet Is Absolutely Crazy! (….And how I can make sanity for you on all advertising you run with me!) 

Here’s another example of the work I did free for a restaurant I would like as an advertiser with me. Curious Pallet  Wouldn’t you like to have a page and MORE customer traffic pulling exposure for you too? Start a conversation with me at


Section 5

Good Day to you my Business Builder Friend,

Thank you for staying with me through these 5-minute installments. You’ll gain more practical, useful knowledge today.

At the end of the last installment, I said,

What has been going on across the Internet

Is Absolutely Crazy!

Here’s How To Organize Low-Cost Sanity Into Your Marketing

A web developer makes his living by developing complicated and expensive websites. They promote that you should have one of their custom made products. The secret is, they’re young, they love mathematics and writing code and know little to nothing about getting you what you really want. What you want is more buying customers!

Getting your own website developed can easily become a very expensive project! This can become (in “conservative” numbers) US$6,000 to US$8,100 in the first year with increases each time you ask for a website change and most of it is a confusing jumble written by a guy who avoids people, has never sold anything, and “lives in his computer.” Some or really grumpy and grouchy. Many are true introverts who say in a survey that people who don’t write code are stupid. They don’t socialize well. They basically “don’t like other people.” They will often make that clear from the start.

The web designer honestly does not know there are many books teaching about better advertising writing. He couldn’t name even one truly worldwide successful advertising writer or ad agency if his life depended upon it. That tells you he has never studied under any of them! He thinks whatever he can imagine and write will be good enough! It’s like hiring a florist to do eye surgery. You’re in the wrong place with the wrong “expert!”

You do not need all of their web pages! What does your customer want to know? What they want to know is “What’s in here for me?” in different words, “What benefit will I get by reading through this?”

In Most Cases…

  • You need ONE PAGE with pictures,
  • an explanation of what you do to buy, order, or reserve a table for 2,
  • what kind of food you specialize in making,
  • where you are located, and how the customer can call, and order food.
  • or whom to call to reserve a table right now!

This is not supposed to be a “scavenger hunt!” The husband asked his wife, “Where shall we go to eat?” Her husband is not going to search all of Google to find your reservations number. If he is frustrated and can’t find your phone number and location easily….He’s going to call someone else!!!

Always keep in mind, the potential customer is asking, “What benefit is in here for me? How can I have the information I want quickly?” So, You Need…

One Page! And….you need to get that page seen by people who want food and can afford to dine out.

Alright, I can agree some bigger restaurants want more pages and photos and I plan to be in a position to provide that at a reasonable price in the not very distant future. This should not be crazy and look like it’s a cross between a website and a movie. I think we can do an adequate job with 3 to 5-pages and keep the price to less than $450. I think we can do a lot for a big restaurant with 3-pages and hold the price under $300.  But, most cafes and small retail shops don’t need that much. They need ONE page (which I presently provide “free” as part of the package price for the first year.)

This can’t be done on Facebook. They are entirely too restrictive. In fact, a potential customer WILL be prevented from seeing it if he/she is not a Facebook member! That free page may be sending potential customers away!

You’ll get the pricing when we finish the 8th installment and you can shop and compare. You’ll soon see no other publisher in Singapore offers what I do at this price!

How are you going to achieve one page that works?

  • You need someone who can host that page and reach a broad audience of restaurant food buyers. I called them “The Dining Out Crowd” and they are obviously affluent enough to afford to dine out. They are exactly your right audience! They are the audience I focus on for social media, Google search ads, and anything else. They’re also the buyers of better merchandise. If you’re also a merchant, it’s all good for you.
  • The advertisement must have the message they want. They want food ads when they’re hungry and thinking about where to go, or from whom to order.
  • They need clean, good looking, well-written advertising copy/words.
  • and beautiful photos
  • in the right place
  • at the right time.
  • all well organized so they can learn what they want quickly
  • At A PRICE You Can Live With!

If your ad is in a newspaper next to some article about politics it’s getting you nothing and robbing you plenty! I would no more run a restaurant ad in a newspaper than I would run an ad for ladies underwear in a man’s fishing magazine. The medium (newspaper) is all wrong! If you’re advertising food in a food and small shops guide you’ll earn MUCH more and gain greater return in exchange for your investment. Mostly I’m working for restaurants and small shops. 

Customers can go to the small shops advertised near the restaurant so they make a good day of shopping and dining. Your businesses help one another. That’s why I love Google Maps and Map Box maps so much! Map Box maps are clearer and easier to read.

<I’m here to rescue you!  It’s best for customers and for You if all the excellent cafes and restaurants have food ads in one convenient Free Online guide dedicated to restaurants, cafes, small shops, and perhaps a few hotels that serve food and celebrate weddings and other big gatherings.

All the restaurants together in one guide create a psychological marketplace for dining. That’s very good for you! It’s like going along a road leading to a hospital and every building is a doctor’s office. It makes finding the right place for health-care easier. In a similar fashion…

The Singapore Shopper guide is a catalog that makes finding and comparing dining places convenient, easy, interesting, and fun. Catalogs have proven for over 100-years to be very strong attention gathering print media. 

What Singapore has needed for a long time, is ONE guide or magazine that appears on a Personal Desk Top computer, or laptop, or smartphone and tells the reader everything she wants to know, even while she’s sitting in her office or standing on the sidewalk! She could be riding with a friend. She opens her phone, and says, “Let’s go here.” (to your business.)

Would you like that to happen for you? You can have it when you’re in You’re probably in it now. Three-fourths of the job has been done! Good Heavens, Don’t Waste It! What I’ll do when you officially become a client is add your pointer ads to many pages throughout the entire website so you’ll get tremendous exposure. A print magazine gives it to you once. A website can give it to you in 50-locations and you can be sure, that will work in your favor.

  • This one online Magazine will gather all interested readers,
  • It should do all the advertising at a price you can comfortably fit into your budget!
  • It should tell readers what you offer,
  • It should link to whatever you have online now so the reader can see your menu,
  • It should show your location and phone number; quickly and easily found,
  • It must display who to call for reservations or take-away or delivery orders
  • It should assist by also offering a map explaining exactly where you are located
  • The service should consolidate and and summarize for the reader.
  • It should reduce your cost of advertising.
  • It should reduce your cost of website hosting.
  • It should pay for itself and bring you a profit (a Return On your Investment).
  • It could point to review articles about a restaurant if the restaurant owner wants that. (If you want that I can arrange for writers to come and write for you and then pass the rest of the project to me.) I have no idea what it will cost. We’ll find out when we get there.
  • The magazine article writer could create an “advertorial” (an advertisement combined with an editorial) to give you the best appearance. There are several articles about hotels and restaurants in this guide for you to see. They are there mostly to make the magazine interesting. I would like to advertise for these big corporations. Perhaps they will. 

Singapore Shopper is going to be a hugely profitable helper to the few that get into it and YOU should be one of them. With over 4,000 restaurants in town, we certainly cannot carry all of them, and we don’t want to do that! We want the best. The few smart ones who take the opportunity while it’s still available will be glad they did. Others will be feeling sorry and left out. The earlier you get in the better it will be for you.

What you’ve just read about in the bullet points above, IS WHAT I HAVE BUILT and am continuing to expand and improve.

It is listed as    Singapore Shopper Magazine

And…. If I began writing to you before Mid November of 2020, you’re already in it!

I could not explain this. I have to SHOW you what I can do as samples of my work and I did a job for YOU. ….and…. As of January 18th, 2021 I have upgraded software and I’m going over all of these “Landing Pages” and improving those that need it.

I haven’t charged you for it but it could already be making money for you.

What you have now is a landing page. You may also be listed on this Display Ads page.  These are called “pointer ads.” I can do much more with “pointer ads” and …. When you order advertising you’ll certainly be on the developing Display Ads Grid. I’m improving that and doing more design work through the year, with advice from other designers. 

There are opportunities for you to be included in

Take note of the links at the top of the cover page and the Links Page.  Doing this will give you a better understanding of how the magazine is intended to inform your potential customers and draw them to you for special sales during the week or on the weekend. Brought together all of this has a powerful effect. You will get more readership and customer traffic, for a very reasonable monthly fee.

I will explain more about how we (you and I) working together can bring more readers to the magazine and more customers to you. Be sure to see that in the next section, because your future hopes and dreams depend upon gaining more customer traffic! There ARE Better Days Ahead!

Here’s Another example of a free landing page I developed for a restaurant I’d like to have as a client. How about you? I can do this and better for your restaurant. La Dam de Pic French Restaurant 

Section 6

Business Survival Letter; Part 6 of 9

My Audacious Title Contains More Truth Than You May Realize.

How Singapore Shopper Magazine Might Rescue Your Future

Thanks Again for continuing to read through this with me.

This is part 6 of what will a total of nine short readings. You see we’re getting closer to the end of this series. YOU are developing understandings about marketing your business you probably have not known until now. I hope you agree with me that this is valuable information. I will quickly review some information to help you summarize and remember what I’m doing to help you have a complete plan that draws in More Customer Traffic. But first, I want to ask; Do you ever hand out calendars?

I had a Chinese restaurant owner and friend who handed out big, color-photo, beautiful calendars each year and I’m sure they cost him something substantial. I asked him if they brought him more customer traffic. He replied, “I don’t know. I hope so.” And that is a problem I am overcoming using my method.  You will know if potential customers are looking at your ad and you can easily find out if they came in or placed an order because they saw your ad. You can compare what you’re paying against what profit is coming in.  At last, you’ll know if the money you are paying for advertising is earning more money.

Please “make” a bit of time to read through this page  and discover how you can change advertising from being “an expense” to being “a profitable investment.”

Yesterday, to remind you, I said this:

If I began writing to you before Mid November of 2020, you’re probably already in this listing page, and this page leads to “landing pages.” If you’re on that list a page is already on display for you and the world to see. It might be sending you customers! You can see why it has taken me nearly a year to create all of this. The only way to build a magazine is to launch a sample and then work to make its readership grow and we can do that together. If you’re in early you’ll be especially well rewarded for your early “investment.” I will give you more service than you’re buying. I promise you that because I want a years-long business relationship with you. I want you to be very happy to be “on board” with me. The only way for me to make you happy is to send you more customer traffic.

What you have now is a big landing page. You may also be listed on a developing grid page. You certainly WILL be when you decide to advertise with me and Gain More Customer Traffic.

I can do much more with “pointer ads” and our….

Exciting Dining Weekend Edition

Special Events and Sales   …

sample of email and blog promoting – Weekend Edition, Weekly Specials (combination)

These emailed and blogged notices go to “subscribers” who requested them and the effort will bring more readers and send you more customer traffic, for a very reasonable fee.

I could not explain what I wanted to do. I had to SHOW you what I can do.

A big landing page without pointer ads is like having a new car but no gasoline. Add the rest of what I offer in this excellent package and you really will see a big increase in your customer traffic! Taking advantage of the “Exciting Dining Weekend Edition” and the “Special Events and Sales” sections will really help to increase customer traffic. I can release them early in the week (Sunday) and a combination of the two near the end of the week (I think Wednesday or Thursday might be best for readers. If your restaurant needs more scheduling time, please tell me so I can alter my send-out schedule to what’s best for you and your customers.)

On the left side, page bottom you’ll see a page counter, and week by week and month by month you can check that counter and make a note on a calendar or in the edge of a bookkeeping ledger. You’ll see what sort of viewer numbers you’re getting and you can be certain some of those viewers are coming to you, calling in, buying food, and actually paying for the advertising that you haven’t bought yet!

This advertising service is bound to pay for itself and make a profit. You’ll be making a wise decision when you buy into it and stay in for so long as you are in the Food and Beverage business! Give it at least a year to see what is happening and I know it will repay it’s cost and also bring you a profit. 

Comparing this to newspapers and handing out calendars… well… there really is No Fair Comparison!

I’ll point to several examples RIGHT HERE

You will note that the access to this page on the “Cover” Page  is big and bold, displayed near the top of the front cover of the Guide at  It will always be near the top of the page! This listing page is a name listing, useful for those who know your name. What if they don’t know your name, or just can’t remember “That place we went to where I enjoyed that lunch we had last week.” ? Hum? Now what? How will they find you again?

For that, I’m developing a grid page with photos. This is the development presently. I will continue to improve it.

I also like interposing with something like this:

Cat and the Fiddle does a superb job of producing the most beautiful and delicious cakes for any occasion.

I will use this grid format to list restaurants by ethnic food categories to make them easier to find. These smaller pointer ads also are linked to your landing page. Please see examples of more pointer ad at the bottom of the Cover Page. On the actual grid, it is hot-linked to his landing page.   (You can see and test it on the bottom of the home page.) and….As simple as it is, that landing page is simple/direct/clean…It shows the potential customer what he/she needs to contact him, visit, or see his website. He changes things on the website regularly, so this is the better way to fit his needs.

The listing page will help the reader find your name and then go to your landing page.

The Cover/home page gives your potential customers further enticement to click and see your big landing page within this guide. From there, they’ll link to your web pages (whatever you have) or your phone numbers for ordering food or making a table reservation.

I invite you to click on the dark red headline for Jiang-Nan Chun  CantoneseThat page is extensive because there were many photos to work with. I did more than I normally do for a  free page but I’m willing to do more for you too because I want you to stay with me for the long term. If you’re willing to pay a professional photographer who knows food photography, I’m willing to show your restaurant, show off his work, and recommend him to other restaurant owners in town. (As I said, We need each other!)

There will be an opportunity for your business to be periodically displayed on the Front Cover! Such an offer is impossible to buy at any price in most magazines but I will make this available for you FREE if you get started advertising with the magazine as one of my first 25 new accounts.

ALL of what you pay will go into more Google Search advertising to build more customer readership. The next full year I’ll provide you with much more advertising exposure than you’re paying for! Take a chance. Get started with me at these petty-cash prices (while they last) and you’ll see as the year continues, you’ll have more and more customer traffic.

<They want to buy beautiful food.

Your potential customers who are shopping to buy meals are going to see these link headlines first, every time they visit the magazine/guide.

The pictures I display at the top of the cover page are chosen to entice the reader to look longer and read more.  They’re going to see pictures and names of cafes and restaurants all over the guide and that’s very good if they don’t know who to visit.

So, we have a line listing page of Food and Beverages businesses, ideal for the shopper who knows your name and wants your phone number and address. Your name should be included on that list! But, a line listing doesn’t advertise, it simply helps the reader find your name and link to your other pages. This is similar to a free line listing in a telephone directory. But please realize, if the customer has never heard of your name, or can’t remember it, the line listing will do nothing for you. A line listing is NOT an advertisement. 

But if he doesn’t know your name we have to help him with these small display ads which I call “Pointer Ads.” (Because they link and point to your big landing page.)

We also will have small display ads on every guide page and these will point back to YOUR own big landing page. One page that tells the reader everything he/she needs to know to order, or visit, and buy! All of these landing pages have a page counter in the lower-left corner. No other advertising service offers that. Nothing in print can do that. Radio, TV, phone calls, nothing but internet websites can count the number of visitors.

You can click these links to see real pages on the live working web-guide right now.

Look at these sample pages please, because you need more customers and your living depends on getting this done right and SOON!!! (Preferably as we launch into the New Year in February so you can take the best advantage of future holiday celebration traffic!)  So now you can take time to see these links.

A Listing of best Food and Beverage businesses in Singapore If you are in the guide your business is listed on this page making your name easy to find quickly.

2  (This is an “advertorial.”)

3 (This also is an “advertorial.”)


5 Jiang-Nan Chun  Cantonese  this is a simple but big page with many photos. He did not have much copy to draw from but I think the effort will send more customers to him. I can do this for YOU too, or I already have. If you send me more information I can add it to the page and improve your customer traffic for a very small writing charge.

7 (You can see what I was able to do here because he has such well-produced photos. When you compare these photos to the others, where would you rather go?)

8 And the lately improved page for Lavo and the hotel.    I love building big pages like this. This one is an unpaid sample, but for clients who want me to do something like this, it can be had for a price any other ad agency would say is far too low!

2020 was a difficult year and, I’m sorry to say some of these cafes may have closed their doors. I’m leaving their pages “up” to see for samples and if they reopen I plan to help them get a good start when they contact me.

All of this combination of magazine and shopping guide creates a smarter and less expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again! I’ve looked all over the Internet for anything like it for Singapore and I have not seen anything similar. I do know what else is out there, of course. Trip Advisor is the commonly known one, and some of their work is beautiful, but it just doesn’t direct people clearly and easily to a restaurant or café.

With over 9,500 listings, I wonder who is going to read through all of that to find a place for lunch? I think maybe “no one” will read through it. Most of that is free, and anyone can place a listing. Some of the comments thrown in are destroying businesses. They argue this is “people helping people.” I think it can be nasty people destroying a good reputation because they didn’t like the waiter. (There’s a multiply listed Indian restaurant with a nasty comment about a rude waiter. The comment is 3-years old! This is harming his business. It’s not fair to the owner or customers. That’s why I don’t allow comments.)

You get what you pay for. Don’t expect much for free. I don’t allow comments. If anyone places a comment it might stay for a few hours so I can see it and advise the restaurant owner, but it’s attached to a timer and will be automatically is deleted.

The price IS right.

So… I suppose you’ve seen enough. Now you want to know the price.

Remember please I have been in the advertising business much of my life and won awards for doing this work while living in Seattle, in the USA. (Seattle is on the West Coast near Vancouver, Canada. I suspect you know Chinese people living in Vancouver.)

This magazine is gaining more readers rapidly, but I am still new to Singapore, so I cannot charge a high price. My purpose is to get you more customer traffic and that is how I won awards. I got businesses moving and expanding. I helped them grow! Of course, they were happy and the publication managers heard about it. That’s partly why they gave me an award before a big crowd. (It was a big surprise for me too.)


Huh? Steve, why won’t you charge higher prices? >

I grew up with parents running a dry-cleaning business. The attitudes we gain working in a family business are not taught in college. We learn by being there. This is Your Living and I’m not here to kill you with high prices. I’m here to help you make a good living especially to help you during these “crisis” times. I sincerely believe if I am doing that for you, you’ll stay in the magazine year after year so we’ll continue to help one-another to make our living.

The US has been in the midst of a developing economic, social, and political disaster. This coming disaster will affect the entire world. As a way to adapt and defend you, (your business and your family) and me, I must be effective in helping you to have more customer traffic! (I hope you’re thinking, “He arrived at just the right time!”) This is the entire focus of my work. I must help you have more customer traffic.

(I know much more about who is doing what and why than I can discuss here, but you can be sure I am very sensitive to this issue. I think of You, and other Asian families who call me a friend (and lately a God-father) and it nearly brings me to tears imagining more poverty, misery, and ruined businesses. We can prevent such a tragedy and that is why I built this business and intended to keep prices honest and reasonable.)

Working together we can strengthen my ability to make Singapore Shopper Magazine become the most looked to restaurant guide in the city, and we can bring more customers and phone-in food delivery orders to you. I’m asking you to be sensitive about this too. Think carefully. It’s all intended to help you have better years ahead.

I want to help Singaporean society continue to be successful.  I want to help small businesses like Yours to continue making your living. And I understand this because my parents ran a small business and they worked many days 10 – 14 hours and often worked 6, sometimes 7 days through that week. ….and maybe like them… You started with almost nothing! (and…. that is what I did when I opened my first clinic and I’m doing it now as I continue to develop this website. This advertising work is never finished. There is always more to do, and always I am inspired with new ideas and ways to “market” the magazine and your business.)

As you can imagine, I have a feeling for how much work and dedication you have poured into your business and how much you know you must continue.  (When I was a young man I worked as one of the basic laborers in restaurant kitchens. I know it’s physically demanding work!) Yes, there were days when we started at 7:AM and ended cleaning up at 3:AM and the only one who said anything was the owner. God bless him, he helped me learn to be an honest working man.

This is your only livelihood and we MUST keep it successful! I want you to stay successful! (It profoundly saddens me to see empty buildings where a small business once was! I know behind those darkened windows are families in trouble.)

I don’t want to impose upon your time. I’m sure you’re busy. My few-minutes are about to end.

In the next section I will open with a note about what made Singapore the most admired city in the entire world, and then we’ll get to details and pricing for my services. Be sure to join me and read the next installment. For now….

I promise if you’re one of the early entries, I’ll give you a tremendous service for a price you can comfortably afford.

Section 7

Why Singapore Shopper Magazine Is Your Best Investment

Thank you honored friend for going this far with me. Today’s installment is a bit like sitting in a seminar room while I show and explain the magazine and advertising details. You’ll get A LOT of information here.

I’ll also cover the pricing for my work. The reading time is approximately 15 to 20-minutes.

If you can make time to read it now, please do. If not now, be sure to get into this later when you can have some peaceful time to yourself. Parts 8 and 9 will follow, and then you’ll be left to make your own best decisions.

I’m not a high-pressure salesman. I don’t know how to do that. It’s not my personality to push people. I believe “selling” is teaching. I teach and inform and leave the rest of the decisions to you for your best timing.

Additional free information will follow about how to do more to bring in more customers. When you know your timing is right, I’m confident you’ll contact me, because it will become more obvious as time passes, that I have the key to bringing you More Customer Traffic, helping you have a better income, and surviving the difficulties we face with this pandemic. Let’s consider that more, but first;

What Has Happened That Made Singapore

The Most Admired City In The World?

This is my opinion based upon my personal study of sociology, business, and economics over 45 years.

<Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, First Prime Minister of Singapore

I am extremely impressed that Singapore was built on honest hard work and a community desire to strive for excellence. This is impossible with corrupt courts and a corrupt government. Singapore has always been a society of justice and governmental honesty. THAT fact is what has made Singapore so impressive.

The Singaporean society has maintained the idea that we all pull together to produce something of real value to earn money. This was expressed in a final speech by The Most Honorable Lee Kuan Yew. You probably know Mr. Lee served as the first Prime Minister of Singapore from 1959 to 1990. He said it was his lifetime commitment. He served 30-years until he physically just couldn’t do it any more.

He really made history and was a prime mover and prover of the value of the Free Enterprise system in a Democratically elected representative republic. I am updating this article on January  21, 2021.

We are witnesses to what is now a developing dispute between The Socialists/Communists and those believing in the Free Enterprise business and economics model supporting a freely elected representative republic. This is going on most markedly in the United States, but it’s a world-wide mental derangement. It comes down to a few men obsessed with power and money who want everyone else to be enslaved.

Brilliant men like Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew resisted this illness to the last years of his life and wept before he stepped away from the podium for the last time. He was truly a hero for Singapore and for the entire world. 

Many in the late 1950s said Mr. Lee’s ideas were all wrong, but he proved he was right. In his final speech, he told us again to produce something of true value and do not seek to gain money simply by some sort of monetary trading or another gain-without-honest-production method. Naturally, I truly want to see Singapore continue on an economically successful path through what I believe will be some trying years for our world. This decade will be more difficult than others. It actually is the beginning of a new era. We’re not at the end of the road yet!

I will dare to say this: After years of my own study of economics and free enterprise I am well-convinced Socialism cannot work. Everyone must make an effort to be employed and self-supporting. The more any government gives to support those who are unemployed, the worse the problems become because that money comes from workers like you. You are working, so I doubt you’ll dispute me too vehemently.

Now as promised, I will discuss doing business to bring you More Customer Traffic.

I will tell you the price to advertise with me in Singapore Shopper Magazine and I warn you, this is such a low price most advertising salespeople will laugh and say they don’t believe it. I promise you, there are no “hidden charges.” Nothing like that! This is not a “come on” price. This is the price! We can work up different packages, but what I’m showing you here is the basic package price without any surprises.

I would usually charge $79 per month for a web page plus additional pointer ads. (You have seen examples of pointer ads at the bottom of the front cover/home page

Pointer ads are small box ads linked to a page within the website. There are several at the bottom of the Cover Page.) S$79 x 12 = $948 for the entire year. (I’m talking in Singapore dollars, of course! The entire website is in Singapore Dollars.) You will not pay that much. (Big magazines and ad agencies would charge much more!)

While I’m new and this guide is growing, and gaining more readers, you may have seen your own web page is already made and it’s working! If you look at the bottom left of the page it shows how many potential new customers have looked at the page. You can keep track. If 500 see it in a year, it’s likely at least 100 will call you and buy something. That should lead to the advertisement paying for its cost and bringing in a profit. And because I’m new I’m discounting that S$79 price for the first 25 advertisers who get started earliest. I’ll tell you more about that in just a moment.

We know and Your Page on the site will always be fresh, clean, and bright. It’s not like a newspaper. It works day and night. It’s always the right message in the right place available at the right time, for the right audience hunting for a place to eat. It’s always clean, and good looking. I won’t fade, discolor, get wet, get dog-eared. It always looks good. Papers and magazines last in a home a few days and soon look like trash. 

Most important, as readership grows your landing page counter will show more activity and you’ll know people are reading, thinking, ordering, or walking in. They must be. It’s almost impossible for 100 people to look and none of them buy. Can any printed item do this for you? 

Newspapers and magazines get thrown away often unread, or they are looked at briefly and then thrown away. Advertising in newspapers is very expensive. They don’t specialize in restaurants. They have a bit of everything.

Your local newspapers refuse to state a price on their web pages. They want to bargain with you and charge a high price. They might place your ad anywhere, even next to a funeral article! (Oh, please! Not that!!)

Newspapers reach everyone at all distances. That means, 90% of the potential readers are too far away to do business with you or have no interest in your message because they can’t afford to eat out or because they prefer to remain at home. That means, with newspapers, 90% of your advertising money is wasted! The same can be said about TV and Radio.

It’s true Singapore Shopper Magazine is on line and anyone, anywhere can read it, but we target our search advertising for Singapore because that is where 99% of your customers are coming from.

Singapore Shopper Magazine Is Your Best Investment because it directly feeds your business with More Customers and you can control what you do week after week and weekend after weekend to promote more customers coming in. You can’t do that with any investment in the financial world. Here, with this shopping guide, you will have much greater control-ability.

Right now, I will make the first 25 advertisement placements available for $69/month. Pay for all of it at once and I’ll give you a 13th month FREE. 12 x S$69 = S$828. (I will make payment terms available for those who request it.)

The price will eventually rise to $79/month x 12 months = $948/year. Or multiply by 13 months and it comes to $1027/year. But you’re not paying that much. Your price is $828 for this year and it’s for 13 months! A generous offer; here’s why.

I’m giving the first 25 new advertisers a package of 13 months for the price of 12 x $69 = $828.

If we calculate 828/1027 that comes out as a 20% DiscountYou save $199 right now when you take advantage of this offer. This is for the first 25 businesses. Don’t wait to think about it because there’s nothing left to think about! Getting in early will be well rewarded with tremendous exposure — far more than you are paying for.

I am concentrating on restaurants and cafes now, but I will welcome any type of decent/proper and legal business; food, clothing, real estate, photography, flowers; anything morally upright. (On the other hand, if the police don’t like it, I don’t want it either. I work with the blind presumption that they also are looking at my magazine.)

Presently I’m reaching out to Restaurants and Cafes as the major focus of the magazine. Join in right away, because I’m sure you want to be listed as one of the city’s best, and at a 20% discounted price!

Of course, the local newspaper seller will say this is impossibly cheap. You can’t even buy a classified ad for that price! I am offering you the advertising bargain of the year! Just observe occasionally as the website gets better and better! I’m learning more “techy skills” and I’ll be hiring technical help to DO little behind the scenes jobs.

If you like me, you understand me already. I want to do more. Like you, I seek perfection.

As a courtesy bonus, I often clean up English mistakes and improve sentence structure. This gives your webpage a more professional appeal and helps you get more readers to come as customers. There are some phrases and words proven to help with sales and I will apply those to help you further. I’ll do that at no charge. (Everyone else in the ad copywriting business would berate me mercilessly for doing this for free.)

You’re welcome to send better photos now or at any time in the future. It’s best to hire a photographer who understands food photography and can make photo files that are big enough for magazines. I’ll feature up to 5-photos. Here is an example of a page that came out beautifully using photos he has on his web page. Yours can be just as beautiful and it’s worth doing because it will work for you and continue working for this year and on and on into the future.

The more beautiful photos I get the more beautiful the magazine and your ads will be. All of that attracts “the Dining Out Crowd.” More readers looking at more beautiful food = more food sales. It’s that simple!

I could have done more if the chef said more about himself, his history and career in the culinary arts world, but in any event, the food looks beautiful and I have seen good reports from customers about his work. Those are examples of work done by a professional photographer who understands food photography! You cannot do that with a cell phone. Newer phones are better but they are not able to do this!

Go Here for more information about getting and sending photos for your advertising.>>>

Your ad will appear in the listing I have shown you. and…

#1. as the Big Landing Page.  You may have already seen yours, linked within the listing of restaurants. Click the link and see what I’ve done.

If you want more written I’m happy to help but no writer works in a vacuum. You or a young student who likes writing can come to you, take notes about your work, family traditions about cooking, and menus; any interesting discussion about food will be helpful. The student can take notes, in English and email it to me and I’ll work with it and produce a web page for you at a reasonable, negotiable price. If you have more than one chef working get information about each of them. The public is interested in the staff behind the final product! We’ve proven that many times.

  1. Your ad will also appear in a grid with all advertisers listed by categories. (The grid is in development. A sample is here.) Restaurants, hotels, clothing shops, realtors, photoshops, there can be categories for every type of business. That grid page will work in a similar fashion to a telephone business directory but it will be much less expensive. It’s also rather exclusive. I will not advertise for the entire city. Probably I will not take more than 250 restaurant clients. Likely less. The rest of the magazine will open to “Sections” for merchants by category and perhaps in particular neighborhoods. This can draw a lot of local customers!  If YOUR restaurant is in the same area a map can be arranged to show your location relative to a desirable shopping area, so your customer can shop and dine conveniently close.
  2. & 4. Your ad will also appear on at least three other pages in the Food and Beverage section. These smaller ads are “pointer ads” and take the reader to your (5) bigger “Landing Page,” such as I’ve just shown you from the listing page and the several red links above.

(6) Your ad will also appear in Social Media at least three times in the year and probably will be noted in Google Search simply because it’s in my e-magazine website and in my blog. I promote it on Facebook and then show it. See it at Facebook here. This page will remain as a sample to push the reader to see the Exciting Dining Weekend Edition.   This also is a sample and likely to change.

Many of us are NOT fans of Facebook. In that case , or in all cases, the reader can “subscribe” (no charge) and the notice will be emailed to her. She’ll click and go to the entire page showing what’s going on for the week and the weekend, and of course for holidays too.

Also See These two:

Special Events and Sales   …

sample of email and blog promoting – Weekend Edition, Weekly Special

This is part of a blog but I better, more controllable because everything leads to my pages promoting something, or your land page.

I will very heavily promote the Exciting Dining and the new Weekly Specials pages all over Singapore and push it to the top of the google listing. (I can pay Google’s fees to do this.) I plan to do a lot with this and for weekends and holidays, this publication arriving in email and pointed to via social media can really tell it to all readers pushing them through your doors! This is a major constant effort to get all the “dining out” audience to constantly refer to the blog and the main pages every time they think of going out to eat. After a while, they’ll know the Web Address or have a “favorites” link to it. (This was planned from the start. That’s why I developed the short name “”

Earn big money promoting through Singapore Shopper Magazine

applying the power of Social Media! 

Most will say, “I have a page on Facebook. What else can I do?” My reply is a question. “Who is looking at your page?| and the true answer generally is “almost nobody.” But, with Singapore Shopper Magazine there are several ways to get them looking at your landing page in the magazine ….

  • including the afore mentioned Special Events and Sales,
  • Weekly Edition, 
  • Weekend Exciting Dining,
  • and your social media page,
  • and any additional website you may have,
  • AND they can subscribe and I’ll be sending them email regularly,
  • and sharing with friends!

By working with me we can bring you many more “eyes” and many more customers. 

Both Exciting Dining and the Weekly Sales & Specials pages are intended to be YOUR controllable page. Never waste a social-media opportunity!  You can reach a tremendous audience at a super-bargain price, so take advantage of this opportunity as often as it suits you! (Actually for you to mess about building and emailing these pages yourself would be more expensive, time-consuming, and difficult. It’s best you leave the work to me.

You can let me know you are planning a price reduction or something about a social event, Breakfast Buffet, High Tea, a wedding, holiday dinners, any sort of sale, any celebration, anything you dream up for any weekend, and for a very reasonable fee I can include a photo and your announcement as an ad in the Exciting Dining Weekend Edition. or the Weekly Sales & Specials or both!

(Just be sure it’s on your calendar because I WILL publish it. Even if there’s a problem with payment until a technical issue at a bank is ironed out, I’ll publish it and invoice you for the work. (Occasionally a bank’s “Fraud Prevention” department will stop payment while they ask if you intended to buy “this” whatever it is, but I won’t allow that to stop you from getting the traffic you want for a week or weekend!)

Everyone connected to these publications and our social media links will see it! Many of them are linked to major social media so they’ll be notified. That population of Singaporean receivers will be growing constantly for years, and telling friends to look too! I expect that “Singaporean population” will include the greater Singapore area in Malaysia, too.

Every week the entire publication will be more valuable to you because it pulls in more weekend, mid-week-special-event, and Holiday-event customers. You dream up an idea and I will promote it to the entire Singapore population that is inclined to dine out! We can do this for a price the local newspaper won’t even try to match.

A few ad suggestions

Nightlife spots might promote any weekend, “Two gentlemen walk in with two ladies, one of the ladies gets a bar drink FREE when you show your reservation number. Call for your reservation now at 67.33 ABCD” I can do a small job like that for you for under S$50. (The price will begin at $30 and will rise slowly and level off as the reader population increases.) For the first 25 new advertisers, the offer will be even better! {I’m not “selling” to you. I’m just telling you the truth. If you help me expand this business I’m going to reward you for trusting me.} You have to realize, this is partly an artistic and self-pride motivation for me too. The better I can do the happier I am about it.

I want a magazine that compares to the best in the business, like CNTraveler and New York Times T-Magazine. I believe I can produce a beautiful magazine that is also a shopping catalog containing well written advertising copy. It’s a wow idea. I recognize I have a serious responsibility here and I’ll be paying for professional maintenance and security regularly. It’s expensive but worth the price to keep my clients happy.

These pages containing your ads will reach a large portion of the Sg population that can and does go to cafes, and restaurants. If they’ve subscribed they’re obviously very interested. I’ll need 4-days or more lead time and the job should be prepaid before I publish.  I will publish on Sundays and Fridays. It remains available to see for a week or longer. The Exciting Dining Weekend Edition will run Thursday – Sunday. Avail the advantage of  these and watch your traffic numbers grow! You choose the days! Give customers lead time to make their plans. And… it’s “gona” make you a small fortune!

Yes! You can write your own ad going into the special blog sections of your choice, or both sections, or tell me the details and I’ll write it for you and get your approval before broadcasting (of course!) This is like having me as one of your promotional staff. It’s inexpensive for you and will bring in many more weekend or holiday customers. Don’t pay too much to advertise somewhere else, like on a radio station. (what a money waster that can be!) Get those “warm” (= means strongly interested) well-targeted, local customers, into your business and earn your well-deserved living.

Be sure to take your best advantage; 

(in very proper British-English) ‘avail’ of this Golden Opportunity.

Count up all of this offer and we have at least 9-advertisement placements for just S$69/month! I know the ad agency people are going to write to me and say I have lost my mind. “You’re giving the store away.” (Prices will rise some time after March of 2021. Avail of this offer NOW.)

You cannot buy this sort of service anywhere for any price! No one does it! Most restaurants could never afford what newspapers and ad agencies charge. I’m doing it because I want to help you and help Singapore continue to prove that the Free Enterprise System built within a freely elected representative republic is the best system of governance in the world! I want Singapore to be FREE for many more years. I might make my permanent home in the community and I want to be welcomed as a helpful community member. Of course I’m doing it to make a living too, but I’m not trying to get wildly rich. I want earn a decent living and be welcomed by your people and happy in my work.  Avail of this opportunity while it lasts!

In that I plan at most to publish 150 Food and Beverage advertisers on the website, getting in is a rare opportunity, and being included makes your business really stand out as one of the most highly recommended in Singapore! 

Your big landing page links to any other page you have online or to your ordering and delivery company. If you don’t have any other online page it will give any ordering or information phone number you choose. (I think Facebook pages will NEVER be a substitute for a properly developed landing page. I can expand the landing page to a 3-page website for you, and host it on this website saving you a lot of money, time, and frustration.

Your web pages can remain on my magazine website for years. Just continue to pay for it and it will remain there working for you at a small fraction of what it would cost you to try to do all of this yourself! For a small fee, I can update it for holidays, or for example, to show new items added to a menu.

(Just as aside information to you, this is becoming constant full-time work for me. I’ve investing a lot of money (for me) and at least 1,500 hours over 12-months in this project. I anticipate adding MAPBOX Maps which have much greater readability compared to Google Maps. I’ll pay each time someone uses it. And I expect this expense to come to nearly $500/month. As traffic grows my hosting prices will rise. Now you see why I said doing this yourself is a bad idea unless you intend to make Internet work your new career! Hiring a website production shop to do it will get you nowhere fast. You’ll have a website and no audience, and a big bill to pay!)

…. and…I’ve been studying and practicing to be a better and better advertising-copy-writer since age 15 — some 55-years! (I get compliments from journalists and ad writing friends.) So you’ll understand, you cannot do this for free. You cannot do this without many years of study. You’re busy running your business. You need the skills I bring to you and you can’t buy them everywhere. Oh, believe me. I carefully read what others write and they are severely lacking in the writers’ arts!

Everything I do is personalized for you.  The forms and email back and forth is all from my fingertips to you. I don’t like “form letters.” Everything I do is personalized to your satisfaction! (and if I ever do make SG my residence, I’ll be available to meet you and look at your web pages with you  discussing what you might prefer.)

Get started now for just S$69/month= $828 for this first year when you take advantage of my limited time offer. This is for the first 25 new business accounts that send in advertising insertion orders and pay the full year’s fee at the beginning. YOU should be one of them!

If you’re one of the first 8 to set up an Insertion Order I’ll have a secret surprise bonus for you to save you another S$100 more this first year. And if you want my help but $828 is too much right now I’ll  set up a multiple-payments schedule.

I’ll tell you shortly how to take action and get me started setting up your package. I am not asking for any money now. I only want your permission to go to work for You! and as you have seen, I’ve already been working in the hope my more than 1,800 hours of work, some dedicated to you, were not wasted effort.

Changes, special notices for holidays, reduced price “sales” can be made to your big landing page at a price of $1/minute. Sometimes the job takes only 10-minutes. Other times the job might require a little more time. Most jobs will cost under $20.

In addition, you’ll get my newsletter FREE in your email teaching more about effective advertising and marketing, and maybe something else important about politics, economics, or health-care in Singapore. That letter is easily worth $100/year but it’s yours FREE when you get started advertising with Singapore Shopper Magazine. I will send that newsletter to you at no charge. It’s a good way for us to stay in contact. When we get near the end of your year my accountant will send you a notice requesting your permission to continue another year.

Of course, I can write anything in the Specials or Exciting Dining pages you need, including your notice about a social event or a special holiday or weekend offer — anything you dream up! Potential customers will read this and make plans and reservations, or walk through your door! This can include linking a special page I can be hired to make for the event for a reasonable fee. It might have something to do with an RSVP for a huge wedding party. That sort of statement on a page I hope made up for that occasion brings you considerable prestige in the local community, and more customers, often more of them for Life!

Everyone interested in dating, dining out, ordering food to be delivered, or buying for “take away” will know about these special pages and refer to them regularly. YOU should be included!

Only YOU know your average profit per meal sold. I suspect if we bring you 100 more customers this year, who buy food for themselves, their family, and tell their friends about you, it will all become profit in your pocket.

An important point to remember is, you have a web page visits counter. You can look every week and see how many visits the page received and wisely make a note of it so you can compare and even graph the results. It will get busier and better as year 2021 progresses.

This is far better than a printed advertisement or a give-away calendar. You don’t know if those types of advertising are working or not. With your web page at, you’ll always know how many visitors the ad is getting! By the end of a year, you will be able to compare what you paid for each actual viewer. One way or another it costs considerable money to get new customers. Getting them through Singapore Shopper will cost much less and be FAR, and away more effective.

You can buy into a newspaper with 100,000 readers but how many readers actually look at your ad? We don’t know. How long does the newspaper stay in the home? (Not longer than 3-days on average. Some newspapers are never opened. They lay around and finally go into the trash bin.)

By comparison; If readers look at your pointer ad on and visit your web page we do know the advertising is getting an effective response. That is the big difference between and newspapers.

I invite you to look at the cost of advertising elsewhere and see what you pay. Make a wise comparison. Also, remember; They cannot tell you if your advertisement is getting readers. My web page counter can!

Oh yes, they’ll say they have readers, and that’s true; But, how many of those readers opened that printed media looking for a new restaurant or café? Is it near to them and within their budget range to come to visit you? We can’t tell that. With Singapore Shopper Magazine we know people interested in dining out are searching. We can count them! They are thinking about going out for a meal, often with friends or family, and they are not idly browsing the Internet. They are looking in Singapore for a dining spot and they’re developing trust in what they read in Singapore Shopper!


  • Your advertisement is not mixed into the Television News!
  • Your ad is in the right place
  • To The Right Audience
  • At the right time to be seen by that reader
  • With the right message about buying meals….
  • Reaching the reader who wants to buy a prepared meal now!  He’s hungry. He has to buy some The question then is, to whom will he go to buy? My work is to make that prospective customer interested in YOUR restaurant!

If they want to know about what you sell, where you deliver, and prices, you can show them all you want. I will help you. We can attach a menu to your page if you need it. We’ll have a pop-up map for all ads very soon too!

If you want a much larger page and more photos, including a menu, additions, or changes, just send all of that information to me and I’ll get the work done to your satisfaction at a reasonable price.

I cannot do it alone. I need your photos and information. From there I can write with better English using words and phrases advertisers know will get more sales. We know what works from surveys of millions of mail-order letters. I use tested and proven advertising writing style, and place photos that are big, bright, and capture attention.

I’m hunting for a skilled food photographer in Singapore to be available at your request. (Food photography is a specialized skill and is nothing like a quick picture with a cell phone!) If you ask someone to gather notes for your own larger article I’ll send instructions on what information will be helpful.

You cannot do that in a newspaper or big glossy magazine without spending $10,000 or more! With me, you can do it for a petty cash price. it remains on the website for years, if you want it to stay!

For anyone else to write all of this as a completed advertisement would cost at least a thousand dollars. I know writers who are charging much more! It’s common for big-name ad writers to charge $50,000 for a big writing job. In some situations, they charge much more that that, getting a percentage of sales income.

You cannot find better than what I offer anywhere! Yes! Compare and decide. I’ll be available to help. Right now for the first 25 new advertising accounts, the price is just $69/month and the 13th month is FREE!  All of this creates a smarter and less expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again! Remember it works out right now to a 20% discount, saving you $199 for the year!!! (Prices will rise after March 2021. Avail of this offer NOW.)

I am NOT asking for a credit card number! I’m trusting your honesty. I’ll go to work to get the rest of the job set up and operating and then when I have your approval we’ll arrange payment.

Use the simple instructions and form on this page:

Thank you so very much for reading. I’ll display two final installments. 

Feel assured, with my help you’ll have Better Days Ahead!


PS *I am presently planning for at most 150 restaurants, Plus 150 merchants  for this magazine. So, if you want to get in pleased don’t wait a few months to decide to get involved. Months from now might be too late.

  • This product works like a phone directory. You buy-in for a year. I make it easy to find you in alphabetical order on a listing page and in a grid, and your ad will also appear on several pages (at least  8 locations), including the Cover Page (!) occasionally, AND in the Weekly Special Offers which is emailed to masses or is linked to them via Facebook, according to how they decided to subscribe. Automatically, Google picks up pages written for you and displays your name and page links too!
  • No one else offers you so much advertising value, so much exposure, for such a low price.  I know this is a very good advertising product and is improving as I continue to learn more, talk to more marketing experts and make improvements, or hire technicians to add improvements. Don’t waste time because “your” customers may be going elsewhere while you hesitate.


Section #8 of our Business Survival series: 

Good Day Business Builder Friend,

This is the 8th installment of this series. Reading time is estimated approximately 10-minutes. In this short time and with a final thought as section 9,  I’m attempting to compare and draw a final logical conclusion for you to seriously consider. I’m not trying to be a high power salesman, just a good teacher. You’ll decide about the rest when you’re ready.

This section runs about 5 – 8 minutes reading time. If you need to look it over when you have a few minutes to yourself that’s the better time.

I’m going into price and wrap-up details today. Please consider I have put a lot of effort into getting this information to you and when you make the time to go through the last of it, you’ll see that your business future may well depend upon accepting what I am offering! I don’t know of anyone else in Singapore working this carefully to coach you in how to pull in more customers.

You cannot have what I offer in a newspaper or big glossy magazine without spending $10,000 or more! With me, you can have it all for a petty-cash price. Your ad can be built, operating, and remain for years all at a very low cost per month.

As I continue to add restaurant and café pages as samples, some of these business owners are getting 2/3 of the job right now at no charge. But of course, without pointer ads it won’t do as much for them. Pointer ads come with their insertion order. 

For anyone else to write all of this as a completed advertisement would cost at least a thousand dollars. I know writers who are charging much more!

I am NOT asking for a credit card number! I’m trusting your honesty. I’ll go to work to get the rest of the job set up and operating and then when  you are pleased with it and I have your approval we’ll arrange payment.

Use the simple instructions and form on this page:>>>


  1. Your advertisement is not mixed into the Television News!
  2. Your ad is in the right place
  3. To The Right Audience — this is the “dining-out public” who can afford to eat out and often do!
  4. At the right time to be seen by that reader
  5. With the right message about buying meals
  6. Reaching the reader who wants to buy a prepared meal now!  He’s hungry. He has to buy something. The question then is, to whom will he go to buy? My work is to make him interested in YOU!
  7. I’ll can also arrange for maps to appear to help the reader find his way! What else can you wish for
  8. You might wish for an indicator of how many people are looking each month and the page counter (bottom left) does that for you.

You may be the restaurant owner who knows, “This is what I want” and if so, you should respond right now. If you’re still thinking about it, read the rest of this piece, think, and compare. Shop around Singapore. See what is offered. There is nothing else like Singapore Shopper Magazine. But, don’t take my word for it. Look around and see. If I’m wrong will you please let me know? I’ve looked and haven’t seen anything like what I’m producing here.

You cannot find better than what I offer anywhere! Yes! Compare and decide. I’ll be available to help. Right now for the first 25 new advertising accounts, the price is just $69/month and the 13th month is FREE!  All of what I’ve produced here creates a smarter and less expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again!

Remember it works out right now to a 20% discount, saving you $199 for the year!!! (Prices will rise as I can prove more readership. My honest advice is for you to avail of this offer NOW.)

What follows is a bit of finishing details.

Taking and sending photographs, Look Here (after you read what’s below.)

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed or Pay NOTHING!

When you decided to get started ,you’ll pay nothing until the job is ready for your final viewing and approval. What if you wait? If you decide to wait and do nothing you might be losing a lot of customer traffic, and discounts plus bonuses I am keeping as a surprise “thank you” for those who invest early.

I will do everything you require FIRST. The pages will be available for you and the world to see! When I have received your approval, THEN I will invoice you. You can pay for it within 5-days. No one in this business is more fair to advertising clients!

Presently you are able to pay via PayPal and soon with the most popular credit and debit cards. I am arranging for all payments to be overseen by a Singapore based accounting firm. They will watch over everything to be sure we meet every ACRA prescribed legal requirement.

You’ll see, this is my personality. I don’t play games with anyone. I am very serious about my work. I do honest business. Your insertion order does not require payment and does not request a credit card number. I need only your request and information to do the work.

Don’t wait. Get started with my personalized help right away! Your living depends on it! 

Work with me and gain these 4 big benefits:

(1) More Customer traffic and more NEW faces coming in, and obviously earning more gross income.

(2) More of those new faces becoming “regular customers. ”That brings you greater financial stability!

(3) The articles archive is a bonus worth $100/year and it’s growing. The intent is to send to you a Free weekly newsletter about marketing for café and restaurant managers. This information will help you bring in and retain more customers. ….AND…. You’ll see a copy approximately once each week in your email.

(4) This is also a good reminder so you can reach me any time without wondering how to find my email address. There’s one other thing: If getting started with me right now is “just impossible” the articles are helpful reminders that I am available to help you whenever it’s your right time. 

(5) The Exciting Dining Weekend Edition and Weekly Sales letter in email and social media, we have an easy and very effective way to reach the Singapore dining-out crowd to announce any sort of “sale” or customer drawing special event. These messages will go out via Blog and email as these two;

Exciting Dining Weekend Edition

Weekly Special Events and Sales   …    and they can be combined mid week. I have a sample of that concept here:   This is part of a Facebook Blog.

This next link is another sample of that concept. This blog with special offers can be up all week, or forever. What makes it valuable is that subscribers have told us they want the information and it appears on their Facebook pages. It also can be automatically emailed to them. See it here:  BLOG – SPECIAL OFFERS

Never wonder. I always change, improve, add photos, and get advice about these designs until we’re settled on a “best looking” format. I’m still improving these.

Using Google and social media we can reach anyone in Singapore interested in looking on line at restaurants. This will become a low cost, way for cafés and restaurants exclusively in Singapore to let readers know about special events, sales, and other enticements to draw customers in. You can have this material going out every week and it’s reasonably priced.

Handled the right way,  this will be so powerful I can’t even begin to explain it. You will just have to have some faith and see!

What will you lose if you do nothing? I expect you’ll lose a lot of customers who will ever so slowly but regularly drift away to other cafés and restaurants leaving you with a continual reduction in income. What will that do to your personal pride? To your family and home life? and To your business and debt burdens?

We know 2020 was disappointing. We expect 2021 to be better, improving each month. My point is, Don’t Give Up! You don’t want to go the way of others that have gone out of business. We must do all we can to keep customers walking through your door, or ringing your phone for take-away orders.

What else can you do? Are you going to make your living washing windows? You’re one of the best chefs in the city and the local citizens need to eat! So, Never give up, because if you do, your customers will simply go to someone else. He’ll survive and you’ll be sorry. Don’t Give Up! 

Business history has proven many times; businesses that advertise during bad economic times maintain business traffic and grow larger.

Did you know the Japanese government once advised Honda to give up trying to build a car company? Just look at them now! During World War II when they were losing, being bombed, their darkest hour; Honda and his staff refused to quit! Bombs would ruin a wall. The men would run around, gather everything together and rebuild the wall, then back to work on motorcycles! The Bombers dropped spent fuel tanks to lighten their load returning to their base or ship. The Honda staff carried those tanks in, cut them up, and used them to make more motorcycles calling them “Gifts from Mr. Roosevelt.”

Others gave up. They’re gone. Honda is one of the biggest car companies in the world!!! DON’T GIVE UP! Find ways to make a bad situation go right. But, you can’t do advertising yourself with everything else you need to do. Working through Singapore Shopper Magazine we are reaching “The Dining Out Crowd” which is a large “market” or “population” of those who are interested and able to pay for what they want!

Really, when you think about it, the great industrialists who told us our thoughts become our self-fulfilled prophecy were correct in their advice. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company (today’s Ford cars) said, If you think you can, or think you cannot, you’re right.

There are young men and women around town, hanging around in the red-light district who believe they’re useless, worthless, and tell themselves they can’t do anything else but waste their lives away. (Heartbreaking.)

And there are people elsewhere who say, “Every day I’ll learn a little more until I am a skilled chef.”

One group gives up and the other group tells themselves, “I CAN” and they do! We can. We just have to continue reaching out to customers and never give up. You’re probably very good cutting with a knife now, but you began carefully, didn’t you? I’m a drummer. It took a long time to learn the basics. Now I do it without thinking. All skills take time and each step leads to a feeling of improvement, a slight “self-gratification,” and encouragement to carry on. You’re one of the group who continued a little more daily and your skills grew. You’re part of that group who can continue to make your own success. …. and, You’re in a good business! I don’t see people giving up eating any time soon.

Businesses that don’t advertise during bad economic times, lose customers to those that advertise. Those managers who think they will “save money” by avoiding advertising grow smaller and finally “disappear.”

Singapore F&B businesses and small shops have needed a good advertising platform at a reasonable price for many years. Now you have one. Don’t waste this opportunity watching others get all the customer traffic. Don’t waste this opportunity to get into the best café and restaurant guide in town at a very reasonable price. This is your moment. Make good use of it!

Make A Big Profit Improvement for Just SG$69/month! Billed Annually or Quarterly!  All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

Stop Churning Your Stomach Over Bad Business Numbers!

You can and will make the numbers you need WHEN you get enough potential customers to see your offers! If the business numbers are off by 25%, we need to reach 25% more potential customers! It’s that simple! I didn’t think that up. That came from the lips of the man I introduced earlier, Mr. Drayton Bird. He’s referred to as the World’s Best Marketer. He said that and also says often, “Don’t Give Up!”

This really is the smartest and least expensive way to reach new customers and draw past customers back to visit and buy again and again! We can stay in touch and I’ll provide you with help for getting more customer traffic, and more reliable average income figures. That’s certainly something you want, isn’t it?

If it’s just impossible for you to send in an insertion order this week fill in Step 1 of this form to remain on my Newsletter mailing list. HERE   If that page doesn’t appeal to you, (I’m completely approachable) Just reply to with a note back. Send any note to my personal business address: or use

 Tell me anything and let me know you want more information as it goes out weekly.


Below are some final details and links to be sure you have seen everything. The last section is an article explaining how we use comparison in our lives almost constantly, and why that makes advertising so important

  1. Bonus Weekly Letters,  I send these out regularly as “stay-in-touch reminders.” You’ll get your first bonus very soon, or you’re already getting them. I’ve been sending one each week. We’ll include your email in my More Customers Newsletter List. I’m sending this to you FREE of charge. Also please note: If YOUR page needs “more” send me more, about YOU, Your work, Your food, Your traditions, and photos, and send information about other chefs with whom you are working. Your customers are interested to know the people with whom they are doing business. They’re interested in friendships with YOU! I’ll be pleased to add this information to enlarge your landing page.

I’m drawing information from many people who have successfully improved customer traffic to many restaurants and cafes, and I’m adding MORE from the great advertising and marketing people of our time and the past 100 years! It’s better than any college course. These newsletter articles are worth at least $100/year, but I’m sending them to you FREE, one each week.

Working on your questions and needs together with hints from my newsletter will bring you more NEW customers AND increase the size of your regular crowd. That means of course increasing the size of your regular average income! This gives you a better estimate of monthly income.

We all want “reliability.” We all want to know our “average” monthly income will rise and we want to be sure we can rely upon that number of dollars in profit coming in every month. If we want, we can enlarge that “regular crowd” at will. Working together we will do that for YOUR business, and I’ll discuss more of that in the weekly articles. They are being set up as an archive so you can access it any time at no charge. It’s worth $100/year, because it’s the restaurant marketing course you always needed. You’ll get it from me for FREE! Just remember, it’s only useful if you read and apply the information.

An email will point you to the latest articles. You can read them when you have time for it. I’ll keep these articles short and to-the-point so you can get that promised business advice, and continue your regularly scheduled activities.

I have shown you at the bottom of the cover page several “Pointer Ads.” The cover page is here:  These ads will be appearing on many pages throughout the entire magazine, on the cover page, on a linked grid of ads grouped by ethnicity; Chinese Food, Middle Eastern, Turkish, Italian, Greek, Thai, Malaysian, and so forth.

We’re doing an attractive job of getting your inviting message to the Potential Customer and I continue to find other ways to get customer attention.

Remember: “Pictures draw the eye. Words Sell!” The photos and pointer ads move eyes to your page, bringing more customers and selling more meals! As for page layers that move and other crazy tricks, none of them are proven to earn any more money. “Creative Advertising that doesn’t create sales is just a waste of money and the advertising industry has had too much of that. Advertising is “salesmanship in print.” It’s supposed to teach and draw in customers. If they doesn’t do that, it’s worthless.

Are you past age 55? Have you noticed my typeface and colors are big and easy to read? Remember that when you see other websites with tiny print that is impossible to read!

These are some of “the secrets of eyes.” They change and for most of us past age 55 we get a bit more nearsighted and cannot see small, light, gray or pastel color print. One of the younger designers even demonstrates placing dark yellow print against a light yellow background. You can’t do worse! She thinks it’s beautiful.

(With her crazy multi-colored hair and tattoos all over her half bare upper body, she looks like a bird in a forest! I guess she thinks that’s beautiful too. Who wants that personality producing marketing for them? I don’t know. Not me. I want people who have years of experience and a proven record of successes.)

Maybe my letter here is a bit odd with its BIG type, but you were able to read it. Words sell and you’ll buy if and when you can see and “hear” the worlds.

Which type of styling do you prefer for YOUR invitation to the cities dining out public?  Which is the better one to hire to bring you more traffic? A man who has studied and worked in marketing all of his mature life? or Do you want a young “hero” who is “lost in space?” I’ll help you bring in that customer traffic you want and even desperately NEED!

Get Your Free Weekly Marketing Tips,  and Arrange Advertising starting  HERE

Before I go, let me remind you, If you’re saying to yourself, “I don’t know this man. Can I trust him to keep his promises?” Just look again at the work I’ve done. Three-fourths of the work YOU need has been done already, at no charge to you. It was all my gamble. The work left to be done is not very difficult and will bring you much more traffic. It is likely what I’ve done already IS bringing you traffic and is paying the cost of the ad before you buy it!

Early Bird Bonus!

If you want to get started but can’t pay for all of the year’s work at once, just write and tell me. I can arrange to invoice you twice or four times through the year so your payments will be easier. So then your $828 for the year could be 2 payments of $414 or 4 payments of just $207. If you start before the end of March I’ll give you 2 FREE insertions into the Weekly or Weekend Special emailed notices. You can arrange that any week you wish. These insertions sell for $25/week and I’ll give you two of them at no charge. Once we get more readership they’ll really help you boost traffic for special sales or events or for the weekends.

When you get in before the end of March you’ll be buying in at a discount of close to 20%, (the price will go to seventy-nine per month sometime in the later quarters of 2021.) You’ll be getting more small pointer ads exposing your bigger landing page. In this way, you’re still getting more than you’re paying for. In many cases, I’ll find ways to put your business into social media, into the Exciting Dining Weekend Edition, Into the new Sales and Specials Section, into the Facebook Blog which is seen on Facebook pages, linked to their timeline, and emailed! I can even place you on the Front Cover (which generally no magazine sells to anyone!)

All that for just $69/month presently. This is the best price for advertising you’ll find in your life. Get started right away before the best slots and prices are taken!

No one else in town is doing this and won’t. This is a service Singapore has needed for years and NOW when you support the service, the service will support and profit YOU. Don’t delay. Send in an insertion order today HERE

Pointer ads will be on many pages set through the computer program automatically. You’re advertising will be unavoidable.

There is an effort toward constant improvement. Get in early at the discounted price. You’ll be well rewarded with more Pointer Ads in more locations, More in Social Media, and you’ll appear higher on the Pointer Ads Page. It all benefits you with More Customer Traffic!

As you support my effort I am pouring all money paid for advertising space into getting more readers.

And YOU, if it is your considered decision to start working with me now before everyone else crowds in,will gain greater benefit because you supported the effort early in its inception.

MY FINAL NOTE: I know this was a difficult year. I’m not a dreamer. I’m a “realist.” I hear and read many predictions. I am confident we are not at the end of the road yet! We’re at the beginning of a new up-trend! The causes of trouble will be suppressed and the forces for good, friendship, happiness, and prosperity will rise powerfully again. The USA is going to have a difficult time. Europe and Asia are going to rise in economic power and greater business opportunity. It may seem impossible, but those predicting the worst are wrong. Their timing is off by several years.

We mostly get what we expect in life.

If you think you can, you’re right. Keep working toward it. If you believe you cannot, you will make yourself right by doing little or nothing to adapt to the changes.

Industry worldwide has proven this many times over the past century. Don’t give up. A new year and a new beginning have been “born.” I am certain of this.

Better Days Are Ahead.

Don’t waste another minute. Contact me HERE.  This link takes you to a request for a short few information bits to send me. I’m not asking for money, just for us to be in contact so I can get to work for you. You must be satisfied with the work or pay nothing!

Taking and sending photographs, Look Here

If you prefer to write something more, this next link allows you to copy-and-type in your information. You can write, copy, and paste into an email and send that to me. They both reach me. Begin the process of arranging Your invitation to the city’s dining-out crowd in

Pay Nothing Until You’re Satisfied The Ad Is Just Right!

Please continue looking through the magazine. It’s really rather self-explanatory.

  • I am presently planning for 125 restaurants, Plus 125 merchants and that 250 will be the presently planned total number of clients for this magazine. So, if you want to get in please don’t decide to wait a few months to do something because by then it might be too late.

No one else offers you so much advertising value, so much exposure for such a low price.  This is a very good advertising product and is improving as I continue working on it.

Don’t waste time because doing nothing is giving someone else the opportunity to take “your” customers.

Alright! I’ve said everything I can say. Look, compare, think, and write back to me. I want YOU to have more success to recoup losses suffered through 2020! I’ll stay in touch. Please be sure to see my future messages. I’ll be sending more tips about what can be done to bring in more customer traffic, and many of these tips cost little to nothing to implement! Combine all of what I’m teaching and you really will have more and Better Days long into Your Future.


Final Article In This Series

Our Lives Are Based On Comparison

Our minds and brains seem to be “hard wired” to place everything we know into a “file folder” and we learn by referring and cross referencing between what we know and what is new to us. If something is so strange that we have no reference for it, we have to create a new file folder, or we simply “don’t believe it” and don’t “learn it.” In such a mental construct everything we do is based on comparison. All the foods you use, the flavors, spices and aromas must coincide for the total creation to make good sense to you and be what you would called “delicious.” Would you mix salted dried fish powder with vanilla and strawberry? Probably not, because the two just don’t cross reference and “combine” to your way of thinking about good flavor.

In just 4-minutes you’ll know why advertising here is your best investment, and it’s all about comparison.

Where shall we go for lunch?

Your question might be: “I’m listed in Trip Advisor so why should I pay to advertise with Singapore Shopper Magazine?

There’s an old saying in this business. “Advertisers advertise.”  What does that mean? It means, they have proven to themselves that advertising works and DOES bring them more business, so they continue advertising. That’s why I am comparing Trip Adviser to Singapore Shopper Magazine. I know advertising with is GOING to make money for you! Well done advertising does not cost anything. It brings you a profit. It Pays You Back with your investment money and profit too!

If it cannot do that; if it’s clever for the sake of cleverness but doesn’t sell for you; it’s a waste of your money.

Trip Advisor lists everyone. They claim over 9,700 listings.  Who will read all of that? What’s the point of looking when there’s so much variety? SgShopper seeks to display the best in town and hold the number of listings to under 150 at most. If you’re comparing carefully you see my approach is different.

Trip Advisor and Sg Shopper approach the work differently. Sg Shopper creates a landing page for you, and several pointer ads, AND a blog that leads to more ads for you for weekly specials and weekend specials. Trip Advisor does not do these things and cannot because it’s too expensive for them. They could for a few but won’t for over 4,000 Singapore F&B businesses!

SgShopper does not allow any commentary. I don’t allow the public to list and comment on a restaurant. The truth is, some nasty people might want to hurt you and once their comment is listed on Trip Advisor or one of the online travel agencies,  it generally remains there for years! Why should one bad moment with a waiter be listed to sully your reputation for years? Is that fair?!?

Trip Advisor has a slogan about “People helping people.” But sometimes people are not altruistic and don’t want to help you because the waitress was rude. I have seen a water side hotel on a Philippine island go out of business because of one bad customer experience and a long story about it. The next year, they were gone! I won’t promote nasty commentary. I might let you know if I received such a comment, but I won’t publish it!

SgShopper produces advertising for you on a landing page. Any communication is better than none. If you have a website, that’s very good. If you don’t, I’ll request information and do my best to make more of it to attract more customers. My concept differs compared to Trip Advisor. They’re not “bad,” We differ and that also helps create more of a market-place.

With me, you have control and can set up specials, Holiday Notices, A Sale Each Week, a sale for the weekend, a free drink or free dessert with dinner for two; anything you can dream up is alright. I’ll improve advertising phrases, and specific words, to help you get more response on your landing page in proper English and with changed photos. You Have Control over the message. You can change it for special events.

Trip Advisor doesn’t do that. They have a standard method. With over 9,700 ads spanning over 400 pages of 30-advertisements each, they cannot and never will write ads for each restaurant. They will not produce 3-page websites for you either, and I will, and I’ll host the website, which dramatically reduces your cost and problems.

Meantime, the potential customer scrolling through Trip Advisor is asking, “Why am I doing this? I’m not going to read through hundreds of ads.”

So I’m asking, “What’s the point of making up a listing this way? How does this really benefit the restaurant owner and how can he count to know if it is or is not benefitting him enough?” There’s no way for you to count the number of visitors to your ad or your website. So, it’s a nice, colorful catalog, but how many readers are looking seriously? Who knows? You get what you pay for. If it’s free, don’t expect much.

Trip Advisor is a very long list of ads with no index or alphabetization to help you find a business and find it again. This is not helpful! I think it’s frustrating. If you want a list of exclusively Cantonese restaurants, Trip Advisor doesn’t have it. I am planning for it in my work.

Nothing is stable. Trip Advisor will often refresh pages and your one ad might never be found again. That only causes further readers’ distress. Your customer may have a distant memory about your place and want to find it, but s/he cannot.

On the names are listed in roughly Alphabetical order and also in a grid with photos. The names are also in roughly alphabetical order like a telephone directory. It is intentionally easy for a past customer or interested new one to find your name and then see your landing page and call you.

Your ad also will appear on other pages in a side column or at the bottom of a page. You’ll get a lot of exposure. And, if you get in early in 2021 you’ll also discover I will place your ad in the blog Weekly Sales section, so you’ll be getting much more exposure than you’re paying for.

Trip Advisor does not have a magazine format. They run an article-promise headline through Google as for example “Top Restaurants In Singapore” and then you find yourself into the full listing again. Well, all 9,700 of them cannot be the best in town.

My plan for is for 150 cafe’s and restaurants and we’re looking for the best of them.

Singapore Shopper Magazine reaches an audience that has an interest and their interest (and audience size) grows with use of social media, google search, and the Blog , PLUS other e-mailings to those who have “raised their hand” and in effect said, “I’m subscribing. I want you to send me notices each week about special events on weekends and special sales through the week.”

This combination is developing more notably as we develop more interest and readership. This method creates a very strong market place for a small group of better restaurants and cafes. I know because I worked in the Advertising and Ad Sales divisions for similar magazines in the U.S.

Our research indicates those who do advertise in magazines similar to Singapore Shopper get lots of views. Customers come in, saying, “I saw your ad for the free dessert for one of us and decided to come to try your cooking.” Comments like that allow a waiter to make a check mark. You count up the check marks at the end of the night and you’ll see immediately that your ad is making a profit for you. More customers are coming in and mentioning the magazine and your special offer! No other medium is doing that for you!

Thus, in various ways, it all brings in money, and it is proven to bring you much more than you invest for the advertising. For about S$2.54/day you can reach a broad audience that said, “I’m interested! Send information to me!” That always translates to More Customer Traffic. In the beginning it will of course be smaller than after a year running the ad. One way or another the ad will repay its cost and bring you profit. This is the sort of investment you go into and then just leave alone. Let it run for a year and you’ll see how the numbers look on a graph.

Trip Advisor does not have a landing page written for you by a well trained “advertising copy writer.”  They don’t have a page counter to show you how the visit count is improving. They have a listing and a bigger page with photos, but beyond the standardized listing, there’s nothing more.

I have an alphabetical listing page as in a phone directory…

and a developing advertising grid HERE.

Trip Advisor cannot afford to write advertising for each listed restaurant. They are listing over 9,700 of them! It’s too expensive to write advertising for all of them. Whatever you write is what shows up there. But, you’re not a salesman or an advertising writer. You could create a disaster. If English is your 2nd or 3rd language you may embarrass yourself! Once its in Trip Advisor you’ll embarrass yourself FOREVER!

One of Trip Advisor’s biggest issues is that anyone can submit a listing which may include wrong spelling of the name (Is it Meating House or Meeting House? I have seen that.) wrong or no phone number, wrong or no email address. I would want my business to be represented with all the right details. So do you.

The pages I produce make for a quicker search of what is offered, allowing your potential customers to decide where they’ll look further. Of course you and I will go over all details to be sure everything meets your requirements. I’m custom making advertising for you. In the case of Trip Advisor, a customer might want to submit an ad for you and he thinks he’s doing a big favor to you. Maybe not so!

It takes years to develop the skills to write copy to the point a writer has a good reputation. I have a good reputation, and the proof is with past clients who were guided by me, and saw a big profit in return for their investment. My work got so many new clients who bought larger ads, and more expensive color ads, and complemented the results that I was awarded for this by a big corporation.

That is my intention for YOU too, because if I bring you good results I feel confident you’ll return year after year. I’ll show you a bit of my writing when you get to the end of this note.

You probably don’t want to pay ad agency prices to do this, and there are precious few ad agencies that are effective! I am effective and I’m …. I’m giving the rewriting away to help you. What else can anyone ask for?

Permit me to remind you, I made my living walking in and out of small businesses, selling for magazines like this and for phone directories. I know this business. The reality of real life is, if a community has two or three reference magazines (something like the old-fashioned printed telephone directories) the general audience uses all of them according to their preference! So, the effort is never wasted. Again I’m not saying Trip Advisor is wrong or bad. It’s simply a different approach.

There’s a strong “self-pride” factor involved here for both you and the reader. You want to be seen among the best in the community. Those that don’t have a website or don’t provide an email address are already saying they are not trying to be the best. They’re saying, “I do an adequate job, feed my neighbors, get a modest weekly income, and I’m satisfied with that.” I’m sure some shop owners want only to serve their local neighbors and for them, that’s enough!

The general readers population that wants to gravitate to the very best will come to Singapore Shopper Magazine. They don’t want to read the general selection. They want “the best,” just as there is always a public that wants better quality of anything you can name.

There is that “public” that wants to and can afford to dine out, and wants to select through the best restaurants, cafes, and bars that are willing to pay to be in a more exclusive magazine like Singapore Shopper. They will subscribe and come to you. Your investment will bring you many readers and many visitors and earn a profit. It won’t “cost” anything. It will PAY!!!

As for the sample ads I’ve shown as I got the magazine started, they are being eliminated a little at a time, and what we’ll have left is paying clients with big photos, beautiful pages, and instant easy search information. Don’t miss this opportunity. YOU should be one of those listed.

If you are right now thinking, “I know I am among the best. I want to tell the world that this is the truth!” then you deserve to benefit yourself, your family, and your business for about S$2.54/day. and….You Deserve To Have Control over changes on your landing page for holidays and special events. You deserve to have the ability to send notices to all the interested public with my blog and email about weekly and holiday sales and Weekend Specials! 

Here we are rushing through year 2021, and you have no way to reach masses of potential customers for a very low price. Wouldn’t it be great if you could? You can beginning right away, and that’s why I’m writing to you repeatedly this year!

  • Get into Singapore Shopper Magazine,
  • get shown in the Weekly Specials
  • and Weekend Edition blog
  • and E-mailings,
  • All of this effort DOES bring in higher paying customers, and more of them!.

Give yourself and your business a new start for 2021. Better Days Are Ahead For Those Who Advertise Wisely.

This is like giving yourself a gift that will keep giving all through the year. There’s no better gift than more customer traffic. Send a note to me. Get serious and let’s get your fully operating promotion program operating right where more potential customers will see it!

Better Days Ahead! Thank you for your careful consider. NOW it’s time for you to think and write to me. Whatever you do, please continue to scroll down the monthly cover page, click on ads and see what’s happening. I think once you get comfortable with the magazine you’ll understand its potential beneforts for you.

I promised earlier a piece of my writing to demonstrate better advertising copy. This is written in a “writer’s voice” for those of higher education, interest in culture and British history, and the means to afford a stay at Raffles Hotel 






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