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To Test How Much Ruin A Nation Can Tolerate

U.S. Set To Test How Much

Ruin A Nation Can Tolerate

By CONRAD BLACK, Editing: Stephen Newdell

January 15, 2021

Assertions that 2020 was a crazy year are literally true. It is clear that we should never have listened to, or at least taken seriously, the advice of public-health experts to shut down the economy of the Western world in order to “flatten the curve” of the increase in the incidence of the coronavirus.

There was early evidence of the inordinate vulnerability of elderly people and those with other significant ailments, and there was also plenty of evidence that a great many people had minimal symptoms or none at all, that we were only detecting a small minority of those who contracted the coronavirus, and that 80% of those who were deemed to have died from it had, in fact, died with it and other ailments, making the identification of the cause of death difficult.

Unjustified fear of a shortage of hospital beds is officially blamed for the decision of the governors of New Jersey and New York to send Covid patients to homes for the elderly, needlessly causing the deaths of many people. There was no thought or audible public discussion of what would happen after “flattening the curve”: If we opened up the economy, as the president promised and largely succeeded in doing, the curve would rise again, as it has done.

The Democrats, facing a lost election due to the full-employment, no-inflation, robust-lower-income-growth economy that President Trump’s policies created, generated panic and hysteria through their parrot press. Enough of the population was screaming for an economic shutdown to make it happen. Many millions were thrown out of work, hundreds of thousands of small businesses failed, and terrible hardship was inflicted on the country, along with an unbearable strain on the Treasury and the money supply and the deficit.

This was all done to reduce the chances of mortality of 1% of the population that was vulnerable to the coronavirus. Their average age was 78, the life expectancy of male Americans. The other 99 % were cured and were then immune at least until the distribution of a vaccine, which, thanks to President Trump’s executive talents and superhuman energy, has been produced one and a half to two years ahead of what the scientists’ advice that we were otherwise following had predicted. The Western world’s response to the coronavirus was insane.

The most insane aspect of the pandemic was that it is clear that China knew in January the dangers of the coronavirus; that it suborned the World Health Organization, largely financed by the United States, into assisting it in disguising the effects of the coronavirus; and that it clamped down on it within China as only a totalitarian government can do, but deliberately exported the virus to the rest of the world.

This technically is biological warfare, a Pearl Harbor or 9/11, and a replication of those assaults on America that has proved 100 times more costly in American lives than either of those acts of war. Yet the international commission of investigation is being stonewalled by the Chinese and no one is calling them out for what they did, except to some extent President Trump.

The President was denounced by Joe Biden for xenophobia when on January 31 he closed off direct flights from China and was accused by a reporter at a press conference at the time for referring to the “China flu.” Mr. Trump at least sensed what was happening and reopened the economy as quickly as he could, and he did supercharge the quest for a vaccine. He was rewarded for his trouble by widespread comment that if the vaccine was developed by him, it couldn’t be trusted and shouldn’t be taken.

As serious progress began towards an economic relaunch, a cellphone film emerged of the death on May 25 of Minneapolis African American George Floyd, apparently as a result of a white policeman holding him on the ground with his knee on Floyd’s neck. It was a disgusting video, and the nation erupted in riots that continued across the country all summer, described by the press as “peaceful protests,” often with arsonist-lit fires raging behind the television reporters as they inflicted this description on their viewers.

Approximately 50 people were killed, 700 police officers were injured, and over $2 billion in property damage was done by vandals and arsonists, none of whom, as far as could be deduced, cared a fig about George Floyd. The Democratic National Convention declined to mention these riots; they were simply put out of mind. The response from the great Democratic-governed cities where the riots were worst — New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, and elsewhere — was to defund the police.

In the balance of the year, the cities just mentioned and many others have “enjoyed”/experienced a rise in violent crime of between 40% and 170%. The overwhelming majority of the victims of these crimes have been African Americans, and not only have the numbers of police been reduced by restrictive budgeting, but the morale of almost all police forces fell like a soufflé as throughout the country officers routinely avoid responding to calls that could easily be misrepresented as racist white behavior.

The United States has had the greatest percentage annual increase in violent crime in its history, African Americans are the chief victims, and most metropolitan police forces are having terrible problems of resignation and recruitment. The country’s response to the death of George Floyd was insane.  CONTINUE HERE FROM COVER POST

To round out the year, the United States had an election in which the Democratic candidate was the most inarticulate major-party nominee for national office in the history of recorded speech, and he spent the entire campaign in his own home (apart from a handful of ventures out to address people in their cars in parking lots in modest numbers).

Prior to being vice president, Democratic nominee Joe Biden had run twice for his party’s nomination but never gained the support of more than 2% of the people. He dropped out of his first race after it was discovered that he had cribbed an election promotional comment from one of the most unsuccessful opposition leaders in the United Kingdom in the 20th century, Neil Kinnock. He misspoke about the university he attended and his academic performance, and about other imagined moments in his career.

Mr. Biden’s real campaign was conducted by the rabidly partisan national political press, who devoted themselves almost entirely to the defamation of the incumbent. With the support of 95% of the national political press, and outspending the incumbent by more than two to one, in order to oust the incumbent the Democrats still had to exploit COVID-inspired election-law facilitations of mailed ballots, with reduced levels of verification and vastly enhanced possibilities for the harvesting of fraudulent ballots in six key, closely contested states.

Half the population believes the election was dishonest, but the Supreme Court and Congress ducked the issue and the media have banned any reference to a contention of the results. The outgoing president addressed thousands of his angry followers on January 6 and urged them to march to the Capitol and show “strength,” but to be “peaceful.

There is no evidence that Mr. Trump wanted the violence, though Democrats accuse him of stoking it in their latest impeachment drive.

The proposal to impeach the president with no due process and try him later to remove him from an office from which he will have retired, for an offense he did not commit, completes the idiocy. Like almost everything else about the 2020 election, this is insane.

American democracy is at the lowest point in its post-segregation history: corrupt elections, abdicated courts, cowardly legislators, dishonest media, a prosecut-ocracy that terrorizes the whole country and wins 99% of its cases (95% without a trial), crumbling standards of education, skyrocketing crime rates, and a president-elect who looks and sounds like a waxworks dummy who has in his over-long career faced in all four directions on every major issue.

Adam Smith wrote that there is “a great deal of ruin in a nation,” meaning that it can survive a lot of official incompetence and misfortune. The United States will undoubtedly prove that adage to be true, but it is putting it to a good test, and in politics, as in other spheres it has its own collective misjudgment to blame for the nation’s decline. It is not irreversible, but it will not be reversed by a continuation of the lunacies and absurdities of the last year.


I, Steve Newdell, the editor of Singapore Shopper Magazine am a retired doctor, with a strong interest in economics and geo-politics, particularly as it relates to Biblical prophecy. The prophecies are coming true as predicted. Most don’t know how to read and interpret them, or they simply say that someone else says it’s all nonsense.

I am confident the prophecies will continue to come along in order. President Trump will be in office for a 2nd term, though I can’t say for how long.

I’m writing this to express an even-handed view. It’s not entirely fair to blame the Chinese people or CCP or Wuhan laboratory for this virus. We can’t prove if it’s natural or is not!

This article and many others prove that a flu virus response was overdone. In many countries they ignored it. Most of the population got it and got over it. (I did.) We develop herd immunity.

It appears to me as I develop a growing list of restaurants to whom I email information, that 35 to 40% of them are going out of business. Much of this sad painful experience has been caused by an overreaction to this Coronavirus scare. The virus in fact is not worse and is likely milder than others in our past history.

Further, any vaccine is questionable. As fast as one is developed the virus mutates and the vaccine is rendered useless.

Also, the “Covid-19 Virus” is NOT a virus. It’s a snip of protein but has too few gene pairs to be defined as a virus. It also appears that the testing run for it detects proteins that naturally sluff off of our own genes. The test doesn’t prove you are sick. It proves you are Human!!

I write this to indicate to you and others that you should speak, or write, or send this to your legislators. Let them consider all we have painfully endured this past year and make 2021 a much better year.

Continue with opened restaurants, let people continue to dine out with a meter between them, which is generally a normal western world “comfort zone” distance. When the weather is good or where there is opportunity for awnings, arrange dining outdoors where there’s more natural air movement.

The masks are not very effective and never were. The best things to do is eat healthfully and well, avoid heavy alcoholic drinking, get some exercise in the sun, gargle with salt water (see this article)

Maintain the best practices for disinfecting hands, food, plates, cooking and dining utensils, and tables. Much of this was always the practice in a chef’s kitchen. These are all good health habits.

Stop worrying! The worry makes your immune system weak and you get sick more readily. Just live your life. 99% of us will survive now as we did before the virus. 1% pass off the stage of earthy life between age 65 and 80 and that’s just normal life and is nothing to panic about.

I should finally add that Chinese herbal medicine is effective. The herbs used in Italian cooking have proven antibiotic qualities.. Garlic does, and Oregano is specifically very good for bronchial tubes. I mix it into food and make tea with Oregano. It always helps me.

I think we have had enough pounding from the ultra-rich elite who want to rule the world. Bill Gates in particular is almost promising to release a biological weapon and someone should put a stop to such plans. We have had too much of what was never supposed to be so mismanaged. 

Let’s get to back to real life.

I have hope and expectation, the world as it should be, justice and decency will be restored. This in 5 minutes is well worth hearing. 


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