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URGENT Cloves, Clove Oil as Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal Herbal Medicine

Dried clove buds

URGENT Cloves, Clove Oil as Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal Herbal Medicine

December 6, 2021

Dr. Stephen Newdell, Editor

Sometimes articles are “interesting.” This is much more. In view of C-19 pandemic with variants and dreaded Black Fungus, this is more. This is IMPORTANT.

The advent of Covid-19 and the new and dreaded Black Fungus may be prevented, ameliorated, in some cases cured with the use of Clove Oil. Clinical, in field experimentation is requested. Any readers using cloves in cooking and clove oil, kindly report back to  

Tell me your story.

  • Are you using cloves in cooking regularly?
  • Did or do you apply clove oil to your body or mix it into skin lotion for any purpose?
  • Have you tested it on skin fungus anywhere? (Don’t be shy. I need to know the what and where to have a catalogue of results to help other potential patients.)
  • Do you use it for improved sexual stimulation, to reduce premature male orgasm,
  • to kill fungus for toe nails, on feet, between toes,
  • in and around genitals,
  • under arms,
  • on your scalp,
  • in your mouth or around nose and mouth to kill fungus.
  • Have you tried this with any black fungus patients in India or anywhere else in South East Asia?

I will not use your name or location unless you state that you give me permission to do so. Much advanced thanks.


My desk is awash with information. There are indications and some solid research proving that clove oil breaks through cell membranes of several dangerous bacteria and other dangerous microbiota and kills them.

After you read this, I shall direct you to a video produced by a medical doctor, specialist in internal medicine. The video shows horrific photos of victims of Black Fungus disease.

It tells us the medical community is at a loss to cure this. When all else fails they do what they always do. Take the patient into surgery and cut away parts of their body.

Rather than for us to continue reading abstracts filled with “passive sentences” which are often used in the University Community (example: It is considered that one should look further into research along the lines of this disease….) We individual “lay public” must take action. That is why I suggested the questions you saw above headed by bullet points.

Perhaps you agree that any effort is better than none. Perhaps you realize that the medical community will never recommend anything that is not patented by a “Big Pharma” company. The internist may know of herbs that might help the patient but working in a major hospital, he daresn’t recommend them for fear of losing his license to practice medicine.

 (Daresn’t Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

Cf:> dictionary>daresn’t

History and Etymology for daresn’t. partly contraction of (thou) darst not (from Middle English), partly contraction of (he) dares not …)


11 Amazing Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves are the flower buds of the clove tree, an evergreen also known as Syzygium aromaticum.

Found in both whole and ground forms, this versatile spice can be used to season pot roasts, add flavor to hot beverages, and bring spicy warmth to cookies and cakes.

You may know cloves as one of the main ingredients in gingerbread baked goods or a staple spice in Indian cuisine.

Cloves are best known as a sweet and aromatic spice, but they have also been used in traditional medicine.

Animal studies have found that the compounds in cloves may have several health benefits, including supporting liver health and helping stabilize blood sugar levels, which is extremely important for the diabetic and hypoglycemic patent.

This article reviews 11 of the most impressive health benefits of eating cloves.

  1. Cloves Contain important nutrients

Cloves contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Using whole or ground cloves to add flavor to your food can provide important nutrients.

One teaspoon (2 grams) of ground cloves contains:

  • Manganese: 55% of the Daily Value (DV)
  • Vitamin K: 2% of the DV

Manganese is an essential mineral for maintaining brain function and building strong bones.

Apart from being a rich source of manganese, cloves are only used in small amounts and do not provide significant amounts of nutrients.

Cloves are low in calories but a rich source of manganese. They’re otherwise an insignificant source of nutrients.

  1. High in antioxidants

In addition to containing several important vitamins and minerals, cloves are rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants are compounds that reduce oxidative stress, which can contribute to the development of chronic disease.

Cloves also contain a compound called eugenol, which has been shown to act as a natural antioxidant.

A test-tube study found that eugenol stopped oxidative damage caused by free radicals five times more effectively than vitamin E, another potent antioxidant.

Including cloves in your diet along with other antioxidant-rich foods can help improve your overall health, and keep you younger – longer!.

Cloves are high in antioxidants, including eugenol, which can help reduce oxidative stress.

  1. May help protect against cancer

Some research suggests that the compounds found in cloves might help protect against cancer.

One test-tube study found that clove extract helped stop the growth of tumors and promoted cell death in cancer cells.

Another test-tube study observed similar results, showing that concentrated amounts of clove oil caused cell death in 80% of esophageal cancer cells.

The eugenol found in cloves has also been shown to have anticancer properties.

A test-tube study found that eugenol promoted cell death in cervical cancer cells

However, keep in mind that these test-tube studies used very concentrated amounts of clove extract, clove oil, and eugenol.

Eugenol is toxic in high amounts and overdosing on clove oil may cause liver damage, especially in children. Further research is needed to determine how lower amounts may affect humans.

Test-tube studies show that the compounds in cloves may reduce cancer cell growth and promote cancer cell death. More research is needed to confirm these effects in humans.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

  1. Cloves are proven to kill bacteria

Cloves have been shown to have antimicrobial properties, meaning they can help stop the growth of microorganisms like bacteria.

One test-tube study showed that clove essential oil killed three common types of bacteria, including E. coli, which is a strain of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Several authors have stated that The antibacterial properties of cloves could help promote oral health.

In one test-tube study, the compounds extracted from cloves were found to stop the growth of two types of bacteria that contribute to gum disease.

Another study in 40 people tested the effects of an herbal mouthwash consisting of tea tree oil, cloves, and basil.

After using the herbal mouthwash for 21 days, they showed improvements in gum health, as well as the amount of plaque and bacteria in the mouth.

In combination with regular brushing and proper oral hygiene, the antibacterial effects of cloves are likely to benefit your oral health.

I Site An Abstract From A Study Here

Clove essential oil, used as an antiseptic in oral infections, inhibits Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria as well as yeast. The influence of clove essential oil concentration, temperature and organic matter, in the antimicrobial activity of clove essential oil, was studied in this paper, through the determination of bacterial death kinetics. Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa were the microorganisms selected for a biological test.

The results obtained demonstrated that Escherichia coli were more sensitive even though the essential oil exerted a satisfactory action in three cases. In the three microbial species, 0.4% of essential oil at 21° C have reduced the bacterial population in 5 logarithmic orders. Organic matter reduces the antibacterial activity even though the bactericide efficacy was not lost. Clove essential oil can be considered as a potential antimicrobial agent for external use.

Clove oil has biological activities, such as antibacterial, antifungal, insecticidal and antioxidant properties, and is used traditionally as a savoring agent and antimicrobial material in food/ In addition, clove oil is used as an antiseptic in oral infections .. This essential oil has been reported to inhibit the growth of molds, yeasts and bacteria

These statement comes from this research abstract: Braz J Microbiol. 2012 Oct-Dec; 43(4): 1255–1260. Published online 2012 Jun 1. doi: 10.1590/S1517-83822012000400003

PMCID: PMC3769004

PMID: 24031950

Studies show that cloves may promote oral health, thanks to their anti-microbial properties, which may help kill harmful bacteria.

I will hypothesize that clove oil may kill harmful microbes including fungus bacteria on any mucus membrane. It is possible clove oil might also destroy Covid type viruses. I will discuss this hypothesis further along.

  1. May improve liver health

Studies show that the beneficial compounds in cloves could help promote liver health.

The compound eugenol may be especially beneficial for the liver.

One animal study fed rats with fatty liver disease mixtures containing either clove oil or eugenol.

Both mixtures improved liver function, reduced inflammation, and decreased oxidative stress .

Another animal study showed that the eugenol found in cloves helped reverse signs of liver cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver.  

One small study found that taking eugenol supplements for 1 week decreased levels of glutathione-S-transferases (GSTs), a family of enzymes involved in detoxification that’s often a marker of liver disease. Unfortunately, research on the liver-protecting effects of cloves and eugenol in humans is limited.

Cloves are also high in antioxidants, which may help prevent liver disease due to their ability to help decrease oxidative stress. Eugenol is toxic in high amounts. One case study in a 2-year-old boy showed that 5–10 mL of clove oil caused serious liver damage.

Some studies show that cloves and the compounds they contain may help reduce oxidative stress and protect the liver.

  1. May help regulate blood sugar

Research shows that the compounds found in cloves may help keep blood sugar under control. This is extremely exciting news for people suffering with hypoglycemia and diabetes.

An animal study found that clove extract helped moderate blood sugar increases in mice with diabetes.         

Another test-tube and animal study looked at the effects of clove extract and nigericin, a compound found in cloves, both on human muscle cells and in mice with diabetes.

Cloves and nigericin were found to increase the uptake of sugar from the blood into cells, increase the secretion of insulin, and improve the function of cells that produce insulin.

Insulin is a hormone responsible for transporting sugar from your blood into your cells. The proper functioning of insulin is essential for maintaining steady blood sugar levels.

In combination with a balanced diet, cloves could help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Test-tube and animal studies have shown that the compounds in cloves may help promote insulin production and lower blood sugar.

  1. May promote bone health

Low bone mass is a condition that affects an estimated 43 million older adults in the United States alone.

It can lead to the development of osteoporosis, which may increase the risk of breaks and fractures.

Some of the compounds in cloves have been shown to help preserve bone mass in animal studies.

For example, an animal study found that clove extract high in eugenol improved several markers of osteoporosis and increased bone density and strength.  

Cloves are also rich in manganese, providing an impressive 30% of the DV in just 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of ground cloves.  

Manganese is a mineral that’s involved in the formation of bone and incredibly important to bone health.

An animal study found that taking manganese supplements for 12 weeks increased bone mineral density and bone growth.

However, current research on the effects of cloves on bone mass is mostly limited to animal and test-tube studies. More research is needed to determine how it may affect bone formation in humans.

Animal studies show that clove extract and manganese may help increase bone mineral density. More research is needed to confirm these effects.

  1. Cloves may reduce stomach ulcers

Some research indicates that the compounds found in cloves could help treat stomach ulcers.

Also known as peptic ulcers, stomach ulcers are painful sores that form in the lining of the stomach, duodenum, or esophagus.

They’re most commonly caused by reductions in the protective lining of the stomach, which are due to factors like stress, infection, and genetics.

In one animal study, essential oil from cloves was shown to increase the production of gastric mucus.

Gastric mucus functions as a barrier and helps prevent erosion of the stomach lining from digestive acids.

Another animal study found that clove extract helped treat stomach ulcers and exhibited effects similar to those of several anti-ulcer medications.

Though the anti-ulcer effects of cloves and their compounds may be promising, further studies are needed on their effects in humans.

Some animal studies show that clove extract and clove oil may increase the production of gastric mucus and help protect against stomach ulcers. More research in humans is needed.

Cloves stuffed into an apple chases flies away.

     There are two more segments to see in a long article. If you’re able to stand to see it, there are photos on this video of Black Fungus Disease. If we can test and do anything to stop this disease, we’ll have done a great service to humanity, and maybe pets too.


Cloves stuffed into an apple chases flies away. They don’t like the scent.


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