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Valencia Del Sur Pil

The weather this morning is dreary. It is SO dark and dreary I thought that perhaps aliens came last night and transported me into a dank, dark Cave ….

My friend on another island has two little girls. They’re stuck in the house and fighting with each other. With just one cell phone between them for entertainment, this is bound to link to trouble.


I decided to burn lemon grass, and call upon the Great Mythic Filipino Groundhog for a consultation.



O’ Great Hog, how long will this winter last? What is your prediction?

After a long pause, Pil began to utter his proclamation.

“See to it you are not troubled by this winter, for the summer will be hot. When it is winter you say, Oh, that it would be summer. And when it is summer you say, “Oh, that I could spend my entire life at a swimming park.” Do not be disturbed. Just stay busy writing and reading.

True to his name, Valencia del sur Pil sat staring into the distance, looking like the furry laconic one of the ancient native legends.

 No one knows how old Pil is, we think perhaps tens of centuries. He sat silent for a long time

When he broke his silence, he said, “Yours in the most interesting century. In future we will be asking You for predictions. As for me, now,

I expect we will not see the sun again until there are two to be seen, in late April. He yawned and took a deep breath. I have said enough. I’m going back to my burrow.







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